Spline cage timelapse


not sure if anybody is interested but here´s something i tried quite a while ago:

a timelapse of the creation process of a basic spliencage in modo:

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i recorded this video in an additional viewport on my second screen where i just hid the blueprints and locked the camera. On my primary screen viewports i had of course blueprints.



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it would be more helpful to see the camera matching part .. I'm thinking to do something similar for my new project too.. where I don't have a blueprints ...

3ds max has also camera matching utility, but everytime I tried it before, it never really worked all that well ... would be interesting to see if this is easier done in other package
What he said, I'd like to see if somebody knows how to use 3DS Max's camera match tool. I just can't do it.
Might be kinda late but I used Max' camera match tool for a couple of models and it worked well enough, it always depends on how crappy the photos are and its still important to have a reference image that has as little perspective in it as possible, otherwise it'll just get harder placing the reference points. Send me a message on facebook if you wanna know more, otherwise it might take a while before I see your response on here ;)