SR-71A Blackbird


The interior is really nice, I would like to see your reference pictures. Also, do you plan to texture it ?

About the outside, any update ? Will you use model or texture for the various plates ?


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Finished the front end and landing gear. The nosecone that is currently equipped is called the Optical Bar Camera (OBC) nose. The OBC was a high-resolution camera, used for taking panoramic photography. It utilized a continuous moving roll of film. There are 3 main nose variants and I'll eventually model them all.

Happy holidays everyone.



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NASA called they want their blueprints back lol, jk jk

I am speechless, this is beyond words. You must have a very keen eye. Reference pictures for stuff like that even if you had a lot of them would be hard to use. I can't wait to see the exhaust!


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Nice work mate!

I also embarked to model some jet-aircraft work are mesmerizing & great inspiration for me!!The details is just beyond the word!

How is the polycount now?