Suzuki Swift

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i've mostly finished the basic shape.
there are some bumps remaining, e.g. at the rear bumper.
But i'm a bit to tired to eliminate them now.

I've already "spend" some money for the Suspension. This set costs 339,99€ and take the car 50mm deeper

I think i'll put a turbo in it.
i know it's rubbish cause implanting the 1.3l GTI Engine from the previous swift gerneration would be easyer, cheaper and gets more power.
But we're in a top gear challange. A 1.0 Turbo is cooler^^

i've already found a manifold for 425.00$can= 298,88€

At the moment i'm not shure which turbo i'll choose.
It also needs a better cooling system(see Cheap Coupes That Aren't Porsches Challenge^^)




thanks for advice.
i've reworked the front bumper. there are still 2 bumps i cant eliminate (see picture attached).
i know, they're there cause of the to small polys, but is there any way to eliminate them?

i've added a extraloop at the wheel aches, don't know if it looks better:)
i think, i've camfered the top loop of it to mutch.


those bumps are there because you have those triangles which always create problems, so if you wanna get rid of those bumps make sure you keep your model triangle-free :) nice modeling, i see a smooth model
thanks for comment.
nice to see somebody else than Schaefft commenting here.
the use of quads is more important if you use tubosmoth.
quads exists of 2 tris. i had transformed these areas into quads already but stil had bumps along the edges which devides the quad.

i've played a bit with Xoliulshader II. here's one result.
i've already fixed the strange artefakts on the whindows by not using the 2Sided option an the invisibility of the inner headlight part by giving the glass a higher materialID. Only the crease in the reflektions of the fender must be done. i hope, an extraloop will does the job.


Yeah, maybe you should add some edgeloops next to some of those hard edges to smooth those abit once you are done with the model, all the door seams for example. This would add much more smoothness to your model and it could look much more "highpoly" than it actually is. 1 or 2 edgeloops per smoothed edge would be enought already and the polybudget should be high enought to allow things like that.
I get those artifacts sometimes too but they usually disappear when I restart Max. Not sure what is causing it but I'm sure it's not the script
no post here in the last 3 Weeks.
since then i haven't sone much but i wanna show it to prove that i'm still working
i've build a basic interior but it's not realy accurate.
It looks like i'm the only one left in the low poly challange so i can get away with some fixes.

i've chosen some Falken wheels, which cost me 46,50€ per wheel.
badly the store where i've found a nice turbo had removed it from it's page.
Details: Falken ZIEX ZE-912 175/60 R14 79H BSW -


here are my final results
i hope you like it.

there are some things, i still need to list:

turbocharger: IHI VF40 for 985.00$can=707,63€
Products | Turbine Tech

Intercooler, 26"x12"x4 for 699$can=502,17€
Products | Turbine Tech

Wheel Spacers, 50mm for 113,95 €
Tuning und Carstyling - D&W Shop | H&R TRAK+ Spurverbreiterung DRM 50mm Suzuki Swift AA, EA, MA, MZ, EZ | Der Online-Shop für Tuning und Carstyling

complete shopping list:

car Suzuki Swift 1.0 GLX 580,00€

Suspension D&W Gewindefahrwerk 50/50 339,99 €
Wheel Spacers H&R TRAK+ DRM 50mm 113,95 €

turbocharger IHI VF40 707,63€
turbo manifold Sprint Firefly G10T 298,88€
Intercooler 26"x12"x4 502,17€

rims ARC 6J x 14 ET35 LK 4 x 114 60,20€
tires Falken ZIEX ZE-912 175/60 R14 46,50€

CD Mordern Talking Win the Race 0,01€

all in all: 2649,33€


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