Nice choice
Bthw, how did they use that cylindrical wheel from the back? For braking?
I don't actually know. But your suggestion might be correct, considering the shape and orientation of the blades on the wheel.

I have studied the reference material. I'm now in fact leaning towards starting to model it. However... The thing is based on Tatra T97, with no blueprints found. Tatra T97 is in turn a short wheelbase version of Tatra T87, the blueprints that are on SMCars (and elsewhere) are rather inaccurate... But there is also an option of using blueprints of Tatraplan (these are actually quite good), the post-war version of the car.
This vehicle looks to funny to be a military mashine... Although, it's a very interesting one, thanks.
I can't comment on that: I'm not an expert in military machines.

From production point of view this snowmobile might make sense. Tatra T97 was a sort of "people car", thus it's production was halted by Germans. The company might have considered building snowmobiles for the army as an option to get rid of leftover bodies and in fact to go on with the production of T97.