TGC: Peugeot 205 GTI

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Thank you guys very much ^^ you keep me going, and you boost my motivation !
So today i did some more work and decided to show you what i have so far :)

EDIT: Next to come are: Tires; Head Lights; Fog Lights and few more details on the front :D

Enjoy ;)



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Thanks guys ^^

Awesome work mate! :) How detailed are you going to make this? Like are you going to do the interior, engine, etc?
Well mate, For start I want to finish fully detailed exterior, and when that is done I'll call it finished for the means of the contest. After that I'll start whit the suspension and interior... and when that is done I'll call in the big guns whit the under body and engine :)

I own the car, It's my favorite car, only small motivation from you guys and it will be done :D


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thank you :)

Project put to hold since a job offer came up. won't take long may be a week.

here is the final update :)
I still need to practice rendering and making materials :S



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very good

Everything is just perfect except the headlights. They seems a bit weird because of the material i guess.
About the rest, nothing to say, really excellent!


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Lookin good OldDog. Headlight and Signals definately need some bump mapping, or extra detail work (which I'm sure you are already aware and working on), but that's the only critique I see at this point.


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I got some new ref pictures .. if i get time I'll take the headlights off my car and take some good pictures of the details.
But ye headlight and signals , are just a base mesh, rough out.

The Work will be continued in few day's , I'll even share the ref pictures whit you. Ahh yes and I'll make the blueprints from the cage for you guys :)

Cya ;) and thank you for your comments


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Buying some parts:

Suspension 715 euro's
(Lowering the front and rear by 35-65mmmm)

Wheel Spacers 97 euro's

Pedal set 23 euro's
( have this in my car and i like then so i thought buying it for this one too :) )

Rim's 300 Euro's

ehh that would be it for now... since i have an 160bhp engine already i dunno if i should even do something to it :)

Cash Left: 2765 Euro's
Wow, really coming along. My mate who races these, wouldn't approve of the choice of rims. But I think they're nice. Coincedently, I started a 205 bonnet/hood yesterday and have scrapped it to start again using a different method. Lots of ripples. If I ever finish it, I'll post it up. Wont be a patch on yours.


17" on it, WTH ? I'm looking forward to see if it looks riced or nice... Excellent job so far btw, you motivated me to resume working on my entry.


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Hi Tom,
I was looking for 15'' of that same rim but i couldn't find it, If it doesn't fit I always have the original ones :) Good to know that my work is good enough to motivate someone :) really glad you like it.

hope i'll finish the inside of the light bulb soon :) I'll also show you guy's what kind of reference i got on the headlight, because the headlights are next to come. I intend to model everything because i have no idea how to use bump maps and textures to make it good xD.

Cheers !


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Ah crap. wrong thread lol

But nice light bulb you got there.:uhh:

Here's the Finished light bulb. Hopefully I'll have some time soon to do some work on the car it self xP
Whit this light bulb in mind, now i really can't w8 to finish the headlights.

-also here are some of the ref pictures for the headlights.


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