TGC: Peugeot 205 GTI

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wow... but did u really have to model all that crap in the light bulb? no like it will ever show in a render.. other than a light bulb render :)


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wow, my motivation just dropped from 100% to 5% :(
ye ok I'll do only the things that will show up on the renders, won't even do the interior since well ye i can tint my windows and make it much simpler. (btw I'm being sarcastic here ;) :p

I modeled it because i love to do things like that, I'll do all the parts of the car in detail, before i'll finish the car exterior base. since i do the car after a car, and this is much more interesting :)
also I can use it in ever car that i make in the future , and i practice modeling. and i have like a lot of freaking free time :D this project is not finished only because i have someone in my life ^^
Damn man! You get better and better everytime I come accross this thread. Those details are sick man! I hope this time you are able to finish it, my man!
And @rickyss: Never doubt a man's handiwork! Everybody has his reasons for doing something, and it's not up to you and me to question those motives.

Sometimes expressing your doubts in someone else's work can drop that person's motivation, or worse (trust me, I've seen way worse).

Do us all a favor, and only provide constructive criticism. That's what SMCars is about. You either love something, or you think it can be improved, because... not ask why, not say it ****/crap or anything.

Just thought I should mention this.

@OldDog: Keep it up buddy, you're doing a terrific job, don't let your motivation be killed by a simple line on a forum. Believe in your skills.
Seeing anything modelled well is a pleasure. If you've got the time then why not, after all we're doing this for our own benefit, not for commercial reasons.
But personally I wouldn't go to that level of detail, mainly due to PC issues.
Nice bulb though.:)


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Thank you guy's :)
This is what the light bulb is ultimately used for. long and short light, I only used the headlight's base mesh and some crappy materials but when the headlights are fully finished it will look much better.
so here it is .



oh.. i didnt mean it to sound like that.. i apologise OldDog. what i mean was that the actual light bulb is never visible.. just like modeling the pistons inside the engine. not that is not to be appreciated, i was just thinking you got a bit carried away


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Hellol, i appreciate your work, and the car looks awesome.
Just a thing: If i were in u i'd focus my efforts more on the headlights' glasses instead of the bulb. Btw great job on it, no doubts :)


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Too bad man, sorry about that, I'd die if that happened to me.... right now I keep 3 different copies of my work in different drives, cross fingers o_O

But that's past now, so...... keep the updates coming, don't get behind!!!! :D


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Oh damn, i'm very sorry m8, sadly it happens sometimes. Btw, maybe this is a destiny's sign, it means u'll do even better this time (even if it will be hard to do better honestly) :)


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Thanks guys :)

I found the base mesh of the bumper ! in another file ^^ Now only hate to chamfer that again, and model the rest of the car :|
Sorry that i'm not making any updates :/ my family went to vacation, and i'm left to lead our mechanical shop :S so that's kinda whole day consuming :| but i'll be back soon, I'll have the whole September to finish up this car :)

I'll do some updates tomorrow hopefully :)

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