The Best Lines From The SMC IRC Channel

For those that don't know, boasts a pretty cool IRC in which Users can congrugate to more or less share unsults amongst each others towards their car preferences...

If you'd like to join in the fun, kickstart yourself here.

Now this Thread is for Users to Post one-liners or very short conversations from the IRC channel. Anything you think was funny, informative or just someone getting owned in a conversation, post it here!! We want to build up an epic library of quotes from the channel, so get to it!!

Make sure you say who said it, and remember, nothing racist or offensive, and blank out any naughty words. This Thread will be heavily Moderated to make sure it stays clean ;)
...and I guess I'll start it off...

This was taken from a discussion about LeMans vs. NASCAR...

<DrFeelgood> R10s and rednecks don't mix though... They seem to get off on v8s...
<@`Venom> rofl
<@`Venom> V12 teh moar pwn
<@`Venom> with twin turbos
<Catlin> i love the sound of nascar
<DrFeelgood> My inner-redneck is feeling himself up from just me mentioning a V8, so I guess I'm right.


Traffic Car Connoisseur
here was a particularly interesting discussion:

[02:13:27 pm] || <Nik_> mmm
[02:13:32 pm] || <Nik_> you need to sleep
[02:13:35 pm] || <Nik_> and alot
[02:13:37 pm] || <Nik_> lol
[02:13:45 pm] || <multimediaman> just like my brain and muscles are working full-force but my organs are saying, "Let us sleep you n00b"
[02:13:54 pm] || <Nik_> exacly

Here's some too

[19:49] johnas: that reminds me...
[19:49] *** Radek has joined #smcars.
[19:49] multimediaman: hmmmz
[19:50] multimediaman: wut reminds u of wut :p
[19:50] * johnas tries to find the pic where his cat farts soapbubble
[19:50] `Venom: O_.
[19:51] Catlin: lol


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[10:52] Catlin: id point a gun at their balls
[10:52] Panesar: CATLIN
[10:53] The_IC: catlin likes balls...
[10:53] Catlin: yeh
[10:53] Panesar: Guns are illagal in britain, you wouldnt get one
[10:53] Catlin: i told you
[10:53] Catlin: i want big chrome balls
[10:53] Panesar: so your point is wrong :D
[10:53] Panesar: wtf
[10:53] Panesar: thats not good
[10:53] The_IC: you want to make a HDR of your crotch do you? :p
[10:54] Nik: rofl
[10:54] Panesar: thats is wrong and sick in every way conceivable
[10:54] Catlin: lol
[10:54] Nik: and just so him :p
<DrFeelgood> Oi, who do you think'd win in a UFC cage match; Hitler or Ghandi?
<Nik_> Hitler
<Catlin> who says game smake you violent?
<Catlin> Ghandi
<DrFeelgood> Yeah, I'd have to say Ghandi too... something about that robe makes him a ninja...
<Catlin> man he has a mind
<Catlin> hes like all meditating and s**t
<Nik_> Hitler got gas :p


Lamborghini President
[20:18]<multimediaman>MR = bad lighting
[20:18]<Panesar>MR=good lighting
[20:18]<multimediaman>MR = screwed up self-illumination
[20:18]<Don_Lamborghini>MR = PCs lag
[20:18]<Catlin>MAXWELL FTWE
[20:18]<multimediaman>MR = strange material phenomenon
[20:18]<multimediaman>MR = not gonna use
[20:18]<Panesar>MR=rules the world
[20:18]<Catlin>o rly?
[20:19]<Panesar>well in industry anyways


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[13:13] * multimediaman uses permanent paint that primer won't stick to to paint taurus pictures all over DrFeelgood's bedroom walls
[13:13] Nik: haha now he is going to get nightmares .
[13:13] * DrFeelgood moves house 'cos he can't cope with the sheer boring nightmares.
[13:14] * multimediaman does that to every house in the world
[13:14] * DrFeelgood nukes the planet.
[13:14] multimediaman: bah.
[13:14] DrFeelgood: Check and mate.
[13:14] * multimediaman uses `Venom's nukes to nuke DrFeelgood's nukes
[13:14] DrFeelgood: You never saw THAT one coming...
[13:14] DrFeelgood: Pfft... Venom has model nukes, to match his model cars.
[13:15] Nik: he got nukes to everything.
[13:16] Nik: he even eat them for dinner.


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[15:37] multimediaman: (original music, if you've not played Sonic the hedgehog before)
[15:38] Volvomaster: lol
[15:38] Volvomaster: do I want to click the link?
[15:39] multimediaman: s
[15:39] multimediaman: you want to click the links
[15:39] Volvomaster: how do you know?
[15:39] multimediaman: cuz they're cool
[15:39] Don_Lamborghini: multimediaman use "mind trick" on Nik :p
[15:40] multimediaman: oiyoiyoiyoiyoiyioyoiyioyoiyioyioyoiyioyoiyioyoi kkkkeeeebaaangnggggg!!!
[15:40] Volvomaster: hm
[15:40] Volvomaster: its not working
[15:40] Don_Lamborghini: lol
[15:40] * multimediaman dangles Volvomaster out the window
[15:41] Volvomaster: if I fall
[15:42] Volvomaster: I know I succeded to free Volvo from Ford
[15:42] multimediaman: hmmmm...
[15:42] * multimediaman dangles Volvomaster inside the window
[15:42] Don_Lamborghini: lmao
[15:42] Volvomaster: nooooooooo
[15:42] Volvomaster: wait
[15:42] Volvomaster: YESSSSSSSSSSSS
[15:43] Volvomaster: Volvo bought Ford and stoped building Tauruses :D:D:D
[15:43] * multimediaman establishes multimedia enterprises
[15:43] * multimediaman buys volvo
[15:43] * multimediaman has volvo make tauruses
[15:44] Volvomaster: impossible
[15:44] multimediaman: teh volvo 256R :p


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[Nik]: erm
[Nik]: you two are really werid....
[multimediaman: you're just not weird enough, nik
`Venom: look who is talking :p
If you're drunk it might not be good idea to join Irc :grin:

[22:00] *** Catlin has joined #smcars.
[22:00] Catlin: YOUR ALDL DRUMN!?
[22:00] Catlin: i dont blieve you
[22:00] Catlin: anyody here!
[22:00] Catlin: HELLooooOoeo
[22:00] Catlin: BWAAHAH
[22:00] Don_Lamborghini: hi hey hallo
[22:00] Catlin: cmoiemn talk to me poklease!
[22:00] Catlin: DON!
[22:00] Catlin: MAKEBWukui!
[22:01] Catlin: U KLO YOU MAN
[22:01] Don_Lamborghini: O_O
[22:01] Catlin: WHYD TIODONT YOU dcmome gibe mw huhg
[22:01] Catlin: NO!
[22:01] Don_Lamborghini: o_O
[22:01] Catlin: got fuctes on my damn armas nd handa!
[22:01] Don_Lamborghini: o_O
[22:02] Catlin: hac 300£ then lsot it
[22:02] Catlin: in my pocket
[22:02] Catlin: wrebhn out and ****ed
[22:02] Catlin: XD
[22:03] Catlin: DUP!Q
* DrFeelgood found out today that his dream of having side exhausts on his new car has been cut down by Australian automotive law...
<@multimediaman> one cannot stay mad whilst staring into the eyes (headlights) of a saturn :p
* DrFeelgood must settle for dual exhausts out the back...
* DrFeelgood buys MMM a girlfriend.
<@`Venom> o_O
<@multimediaman> michelle branch?!?!?
<DrFeelgood> No, Rosanne.
<@multimediaman> okay, plz don't be talking about roseanne barr.... ...
<DrFeelgood> ;-)
<DrFeelgood> Why? She's a dish...
<@multimediaman> :-\
<DrFeelgood> ...Actually, she's the whole buffet...
* @multimediaman replaces every car in australia with a holden of some sort


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[07:01] |Nik|_: yeah when :p
[07:01] multimediaman: it'll happen when it happens :p
[07:02] |Nik|_: 2045:p
[07:02] multimediaman: let's not get too optimistic now
[07:02] |Nik|_: ok
[07:02] |Nik|_: 2451:p
[07:02] multimediaman: possibly


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[08:32] `Venom: Nik, ur truck cannot beat my Ram
[08:32] `Venom: Ram is teh faster
[08:32] multimediaman: my truck can!
[08:32] * multimediaman steals venom's ram
[08:32] Nik: my truck can load your truck!
[08:33] * multimediaman drives `Venom's ram around `Venom in circles
[08:33] `Venom: rofl
[08:33] * multimediaman gets tired of driving a freaking truck and hands it back to `Venom
Remember kids, it's important to sleep or otherwise you'll go nuts like MMM here

[16:12] <multimediaman> but it's nothing compared to killer bees
[16:12] <multimediaman> they're everywhere!
[16:12] <johnas> o_O
[16:12] <multimediaman> did you want to become a bee's supper? because I don't! That's why we must act now!
[16:12] <multimediaman> ookay, that's enough of this guy
[16:13] <multimediaman> gaw who gave this guy a greencard anyway?!
[16:13] <catlin1> WHAAAT THEEE
[16:13] <Sir_Nik> GO TO BED
[16:13] <catlin1> who
[16:13] <catlin1> chong?
[16:13] <multimediaman> okay liberty city, let's hear from some sane callers!
[16:13] <Sir_Nik> mmm's sec half
[16:13] <multimediaman> is there anyone sane left in this city? anyone at all?
[16:13] <johnas> or one his
[16:13] <multimediaman> Yes, go ahead caller, you're on line 3
[16:13] <multimediaman> Ah, hello lazow, did that woman mention nannies? because
[16:14] <multimediaman> NO!! NO Nannies!!!
[16:14] <multimediaman> gta3 chatterbox ftw :p
[16:14] <catlin1> seriously
[16:14] <catlin1> listen to nik now
[16:14] <multimediaman> bah
[16:14] * multimediaman never listens to nik :p
[16:14] <johnas> rare moments when is wise to listen him xD
[16:14] <Sir_Nik> yup
[16:14] <Sir_Nik> very
[17:08] <Catlin> <Nik_> [#smcars] only catlin likes them >_>
[17:08] <Catlin> <Nik_> [#smcars] ask catlin
[17:08] <Catlin> <Nik_> [#smcars] catlin should start talking soon
[17:08] <Catlin> <Panesar> [#smcars] Catlin is too busy shagging the nano
[17:08] <Catlin> <Nik_> [#smcars] wonder if I can catlin in this one...
[17:08] <Catlin> you bloody punks

Catlin - on the drugs yet again :p