The Best Lines From The SMC IRC Channel

[21:02] * johnas slaps multimediaman around a bit with a large trout
[21:02] <johnas> hmm no that was not what i wanted to do x)
[21:02] * johnas sets mode: +o multimediaman
[21:03] <johnas> you got the power to kick ppl now, o blessed one
[21:04] * multimediaman was kicked by multimediaman (w00t)
[21:04] * multimediaman has joined #smcars
[21:04] <multimediaman> ¬_¬
[21:04] <multimediaman> well that was smart >_<
[21:04] <johnas> wth :D
[21:04] <multimediaman> sry :p
[21:05] * johnas sets mode: +o multimediaman
[21:05] <johnas> haha f00l
[21:05] <Lindas_Nik> lol
[21:05] <Lindas_Nik> man
[21:05] <multimediaman> ty XD


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[07:30] Nikman: hm
[07:30] Nikman: I just noticed something
[07:31] Nikman: venom isent the indian in the village people
[07:31] `Venom: and why would you even think that?
[07:31] `Venom: lay off the crack
[07:31] `Venom: i am surrounded by crackheads <_<
[07:31] Nikman_: he is the construction worker COS HE IS IN LOVE WITH HIS DADS DODGE RAM
[07:31] The_IC: im a crackhead? :S
[07:31] * multimediaman looks at ic's head
[07:31] `Venom: rofl
[07:32] multimediaman: ... nope, no fractures, or even scrapes.
[07:32] `Venom: cant wait to see the bed cover my dad wants
[07:32] `Venom: well, in person
[07:32] `Venom: saw pics in a magazine
[07:32] `Venom: aluminum cover and it is black
[07:32] Nikman:
[07:32] `Venom: and it does not sit ontop of the bed IK
[07:32] Nikman: you should change with cracklin
[07:32] `Venom: it is made up of several aluminum segments that stack up near the cab when not in use
[07:33] * multimediaman 's bed cover is just a thick blanket :p
[07:34] `Venom: rofl
[07:34] `Venom: truck bed fooo
[07:34] multimediaman: trucks.... eww :p
[07:34] Nikman: I got a woman insted of blanket
[07:35] * multimediaman hides the fact he wants several truck models ¬_¬
[07:35] The_IC: LOL
[07:35] `Venom: .....
[07:35] Nikman: I have one lol
[07:35] Nikman: F150
[07:36] * multimediaman settles for a robot :p
[07:37] IK84: <`Venom> and it does not sit ontop of the bed IK ----- WHAT?
[07:38] multimediaman:
[07:38] multimediaman: wut are all those black circles/ovals for?
[07:38] IK84: So your dad is getting some new bedsheets?
[07:38] `Venom: .........
[07:38] The_IC: wow...ive finally got back into my GT modelling groove
[07:38] IK84: but they dont sit on top of the bed
[07:38] IK84: hmm...
[07:38] `Venom: i guess you missed the part about it being for a Ram a few lines above that...
[07:39] Nikman: lol
[07:39] IK84: so its bedsheets with a ram on it?
[07:39] The_IC: lol bedsheets
[07:39] multimediaman: you rammed your bed sheets?
[07:39] `Venom: the cargo area on a truck is called a bed
[07:39] multimediaman: how many megabytes?
[07:39] The_IC: what an awesome conversation XD
[07:39] `Venom: and you all wonder why i say you are crackheads.....
[07:40] IK84: your the one who brought up the bedsheets your dad is wanting
[07:40] multimediaman: XD
[07:40] multimediaman: actually it was bed covers
[07:40] IK84: ahh blankets then
[07:40] multimediaman: and uh... I described my bed covers
[07:40] `Venom: aluminum bed cover doesnt sound anything like bedsheets...
[07:40] multimediaman: and nik said he used a girl instead
[07:41] multimediaman: and I said I settled for a silicone-skinned robot
[07:41] The_IC: ...
[07:41] `Venom: crack kills
[07:41] multimediaman: only if you fall in
[07:41] `Venom: you already did
[07:41] The_IC: depends how deep it is
[07:41] `Venom: a long time ago
[07:42] `Venom: in fact, you are still falling...
[07:43] multimediaman: yay for being stuck in the middle of earth's gravitational pull!
[07:43] `Venom: yes!
[07:43] Nikman: you belong there mmm
[07:45] The_IC: i find it hard to believe that only you could be there :p
[07:44] The_IC: is anything else stuck there?
[07:45] `Venom: :p
[07:46] `Venom: i may be crazy, but not MMM crazy...
[07:46] `Venom: i at least have some sanity
[07:46] `Venom: i guess
[07:46] Nikman: lies
[07:46] Nikman: get down there you fool
[07:46] `Venom: NEVAR
[07:46] * multimediaman thinks michelle branch may be on her way :D
[07:46] Nikman: only one with a sanity is the Ninny <_<
[21:26] <johnas> where is mmm again
[21:26] <Lord_Nik> work?
[21:27] <johnas> at saturday :p
[21:27] <Lord_Nik> he works everyday I think
[21:27] <johnas> well i do sometimes, so...
[21:27] <johnas> oh o_O
[21:27] <johnas> wth he does?
[21:27] * johnas slaps MMM for working too much
[21:27] <Lord_Nik> I tried to get that out from him, impossible :p
[21:28] <johnas> lol
[21:31] <Schaefft> he told me, but I forgot it lol
[21:31] <johnas> fewl
[21:32] <Schaefft> sth woth calendars
[21:32] <Schaefft> with*
[21:32] <johnas> i hope he's not nude on them o.o
[21:32] <Schaefft> ^^
[21:32] <Lord_Nik> o_O


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Just have to show you then Venom tried to own me.

[16:05] Venom: Nik still sux
[16:05] Nikman: what
[16:05] Nikman: what you want foo
[16:05] Venom: i got a train lolz
[16:06] Nikman: I got 3 lolz
[16:06] Panesar|F1: rofl
[16:06] Panesar|F1: nice way of getting nik


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[11:52] Nik: catlin is your little lover monkey doc ;)
[11:53] DrFeelgood: WHat? Jealous you don't have a love-monkey yourself?? I can see why... He does this thing with his tongue, and oh MAN!!
[22:29] * Zoomj`css has quit IRC (Quit: catlin is a girl....... at least i thought at 1st... :()
[22:29] <Catlin> lmfao ^
[22:30] <Catlin> catlin is a girl....... at least i thought at 1st... :(
[22:30] <Catlin> He fails


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`Venom: but i do have a pwnful 1/43 Zonda F...
multimediaman: zomg I couldn't find any saturn chilton guides :'(
Nik: lawl you two are the most different persons I know
[19:59] <Panesar> back
[20:00] <Catlin> front
[20:00] <Catlin> side to side
01[20:00] <Panesar> up and down
01[20:00] <Panesar> ride the slide
[20:00] <elusive> downstairs
[20:00] <Catlin> lol
[20:00] <elusive> lol :p
[20:00] <elusive> put that in the irc lines thing


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[09:02] multimediaman: anyw00
[09:02] multimediaman: nite
[09:02] * multimediaman bed goes
[09:02] Nik: is the bed goes?
[09:02] Nik: not you to the bed? :O
[09:04] *** multimediaman is now known as |Deb.
[09:04] * |Deb ot seog namaidemitlum|
[09:04] *** |Deb is now known as multimediaman.
[09:04] Nik: you werid
[09:04] Tifa|SMC: o_O
[09:04] Nik: lol
[09:04] multimediaman: totally worth it.
[09:05] Tifa|SMC: lol
[09:05] Nik: lawl
[09:05] Nik: qhy
[09:05] Tifa|SMC: go sleep :p
[09:05] Nik: why
[09:05] multimediaman: just read it backwards and you'll find out why :p
[09:05] Tifa|SMC: and don't encourage Nik to start up what could very well be Weird Science 2 :p
[09:05] * multimediaman blinds tifa with science
[09:05] Tifa|SMC: bah
[09:06] Nik: lol
[09:06] Nik: I did read it backwards :p
[09:06] multimediaman: see?
[09:06] Nik: thats why I said why other :p
[09:06] multimediaman: was totally worth it.
[09:06] multimediaman: anyway, nite! :p
[09:06] Tifa|SMC: lol
[09:06] Tifa|SMC: night o.o
[09:06] Nik: I dont belive you :p
[09:06] multimediaman: o_O
[09:07] * multimediaman doesn't bother asking why not
[09:07] Nik: see?!
[09:07] Nik: I know you where gone to bed yet :p
[09:07] multimediaman: oh, I'm going to bed.. :p
[09:07] Nik: yeah?:p
[09:07] * multimediaman will be fast asleep, and enjoying pleasant dreams in a little bit :p
[09:07] Tifa|SMC: >.>
[09:07] Nik: about tifa?
[09:08] Nik: :p
[09:08] * Tifa|SMC throws Nik out the window
[09:08] * Tifa|SMC throws a donut after him

[09:08] Nik: or better yet
[09:08] Nik: Tifa in a Taurus
[09:08] Nik: :p
[09:08] * Nik throws the donut to OscarR
[09:08] multimediaman: and me in a saturn sl1 ...and we're pulling laps around Portland Int'l Raceway!
[09:09] multimediaman: eat the donut foo!
[09:09] multimediaman: you know U want too!
[09:09] Tifa|SMC: and I'm totally smoking you in the final turn
[09:09] Tifa|SMC: I mean
[09:09] Tifa|SMC: yeah a fun race!
[09:09] multimediaman: course
[09:09] Tifa|SMC: <.<
[09:09] multimediaman: cuz
[09:09] multimediaman: you've got the 235-hp SHO
[09:09] multimediaman: I'm in a 100HP sl1 :p
[09:09] Tifa|SMC: lol
[09:09] Nik: I got way to many jimmi Hendrix songs
[09:10] Tifa|SMC: lol that wouldn't be too much fun
[09:10] multimediaman: on the other hand, it'd be a good challenge :p
[09:10] * Tifa|SMC pushes multimediaman off to bed :p
[09:10] multimediaman: unless you're some kinda super awesome taurus driver
[09:10] Tifa|SMC: get thee to a sleepery already
[09:10] Nik: :p
[09:10] * multimediaman resists a rest
[09:11] * multimediaman has been waiting *way* too long to use that line

[09:11] Tifa|SMC: lol
[09:11] Nik: you know will win that race with my 850 :p
[09:11] Tifa|SMC: that's not a surprise multimediaman :p
[09:11] multimediaman: :D
[09:11] Tifa|SMC: but, go to bed! :eek:
[09:11] multimediaman: a fortwo could beat ur 850 :p
[09:11] Nik: hah
[09:11] Nik: never
[09:12] Nik: mah 850 got 170 hp foo
[09:12] Nik: !
[09:12] * multimediaman takes pride in knowing that his impreza wagon could pwn ur 850 too :p
[09:12] Nik: lol
[09:13] Nik: wait till I tune it to 330hp!
[09:13] multimediaman: ugh, it's so late... I'm not gonna get a whole rest
[09:13] multimediaman: I guess I'll just beat it though
[09:13] Tifa|SMC: <.<
[09:13] multimediaman: so on that note, l8r!
[09:13] Tifa|SMC: part rest is better than none :p
[09:13] Tifa|SMC: night
[09:13] multimediaman: don't loose an eighth while I'm gone
[09:14] Tifa|SMC: lolol
[09:14] Tifa|SMC: ah man
[09:14] multimediaman: maybe I'll dream of a ford tempo
[09:14] multimediaman: that'd set the rhythym for a good morning
[09:14] Nik: wth is wrong with you man :p
[09:14] Tifa|SMC: do we really have to go back to the coda :p
[09:14] Tifa|SMC: get to bed!
[09:14] multimediaman: nah, I'm d.c. al fin! :p
[09:14] Tifa|SMC: lolol
[09:15] Tifa|SMC: this conversation's about to turn flat :p
[09:15] multimediaman: we have to keep our wits sharp
[09:15] * Nik helps Tifa to drap mmm to the bed
[09:15] Tifa|SMC: lol
[09:15] multimediaman: avoiding sleep isn't about staying awake, it's about the trill of the chase
[09:16] Nik: shut up now lol
[09:16] * multimediaman decrescendo's
[09:16] Nik: Im going to put this on smcars
[09:16] Nik: why?
[09:16] Nik: cos I can!
[09:16] Tifa|SMC: lol >.>
[09:16] multimediaman: please do. the staff would love it
[09:17] Nik: I bet
[09:17] Nik: esp Tom and Johnas :p
[09:17] Tifa|SMC: lolol
[09:17] multimediaman: they may wanna throw me off a cleff
[09:17] multimediaman: and it wouldn't be very accidental
[09:17] Nik: they are not alone about that thought :p
[09:17] multimediaman: they'd leave their time signature all over the place
[09:17] Tifa|SMC: rofl
[09:18] * multimediaman is shooting for a new record here
[09:18] Nik: be the most freak after catlin and doc?
[09:19] multimediaman: nah, nik... keep in tune with your puns!
[09:19] multimediaman: I've been reciting puns this whole time
[09:19] Tifa|SMC: 13 in a row, I'd call that a record :p
[09:20] multimediaman: is it good enough to go gold?
[09:20] Nik: no:p
[09:20] multimediaman: well, I was in a good groove though
[09:21] multimediaman: but desperate times call for desperate measures
[09:21] multimediaman: dang... I'd hate to have to cut-time short here
[09:21] * Tifa|SMC sighs
[09:24] * Nik sighs together with Tifa

[09:29] Nik: wait a sec
[09:29] Nik: did mmm finaly went to bed?
[09:29] Tifa|SMC: yes he did :p

25mins to get him into bed....


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[20:16] Catlin: OWWWWWWWWWW
[20:16] Catlin: I just hit myself in the nuts
[20:16] Catlin: while drifting
[20:16] Catlin: :(
[20:16] johnas: lmao
[20:16] johnas: xD
[20:16] Nik: lmfao
[20:16] Nik: catlin
[20:17] Nik: thank god there is only one of you :p
[20:17] Catlin: lol
[20:17] Nik: srsly
[20:18] Catlin: :p
[20:18] Nik: that is mmm class on that one
Another fine graduate of the Ipswich Charm School...

<Zoomj`> i sneezed
<Zoomj`> and a boogy blew onto my escape key
<Catlin> :|
<Zoomj`> F***
<Zoomj`> :(
<Catlin> lmao
<Zoomj`> it's Gross
<Zoomj`> -.-
<Catlin> dirt bag
<Zoomj`> i'll just let it dry out
<Zoomj`> and scrape it off
<Catlin> ew
<Zoomj`> nah
<Zoomj`> gone
<Zoomj`> lol
* Zoomj` dances
<DrFeelgood> What.
<DrFeelgood> The.
<DrFeelgood> S***.
<Panesar> Ive got soul but im not a soldier
* Catlin throws a dildo at the koenigsegg
<elusive> rofl
<elusive> why
<Catlin> its s***
<Panesar> why do you have one Catlin
<Panesar> o_O
<elusive> lol
<Catlin> yes i do
<Panesar> well seeming as you can throw it
<Panesar> I assume its a sex toy
<Panesar> and then I ask
<Panesar> why do you have that
* elusive throws a dildo on catlins face
<Panesar> unless of course elusive and yourself can detach your penis
<Panesar> and throw it any direction you wish
<elusive> lmfao
<Catlin> go go gadget penis
<elusive> lol
<Panesar> hahahh
<Fujimi> That was the original idea behind Inspector gadget.
<Fujimi> But they turned it into a child´s movie.
<Catlin> XD
<Fujimi> It was supposed to be a mystic porn-movie about an inspector with detachable penis.
<Fujimi> Than can be thrown in any direction at instant.
<Fujimi> S***. :O
<Fujimi> I SHOULD WRITE porn movies.
<Fujimi> I´d be rich!
Yeah...i dont know whats wrong with these 2

[17:53] <elusive> what yoou doin Krystian
[17:53] <Krystian> I was very young now I'm young
[17:53] <elusive> Oh
[17:54] * Krystian is wanking
[17:54] <elusive> :|
[17:54] <elusive> what the hell?
[17:54] * Krystian is kidding
[17:54] <elusive> oh
[17:54] * Krystian is learning
[17:54] <elusive> lets wank
[17:54] <elusive> together
[17:54] <Krystian> YEAH!
...Because the IRC Channel is a place of learning...

<elusive> Catlin:
<Catlin> yp
<Catlin> yo
<elusive> what should i do with that stupid unwrap thingy
Catlin> elsuive
<Catlin> its long i cant be bothered to explain
<Catlin> learn it :p
<elusive> ffs
<DrFeelgood> Catlin: Mentor Of The Year.
[18:39] <elusive>
[18:40] <Catlin> Elusive
[18:40] <Catlin> I just
[18:40] <Catlin> dont wanna speak to you anymore
[18:40] <elusive> hmm?
[18:41] <elusive> :p
[18:41] <elusive> why?
[18:41] <Catlin> why you modeled a dildo
[18:41] <elusive> hmm was bored
[18:41] <Catlin> gay c**t
[18:41] <johnas> o.o
[18:41] <elusive> and wanted to model the first thing that comes to my mind
[18:41] <Catlin> thats even worse
[18:41] <Schaefft> lol
[18:41] <elusive> lol why
[18:41] <Catlin> that your thinking about dildos
[18:41] <Schaefft> you dont need to say more
[18:42] <elusive> ya but not ina gay way
[18:42] <Catlin> sure
[18:42] <Catlin> anything you say
[18:42] <elusive> lol f**k you man :p


Lamborghini President
Need to move this thread forward:D (and whole forum too)

[22:41]<Schaefft> okay I will go now and might come back later
[22:41]<Krystian> kthxbai
[22:41]<Schaefft> cya
[22:41]<Catlin> cya man
[22:41]<Krystian> cya
[22:41]<Schaefft> cya
[22:41]<Catlin> smc really died lately
[22:41]<Schaefft> cya
[22:41]<Catlin> and irc too
[22:41]<Krystian> cya
[22:41]<Schaefft> cya
[22:41]<Schaefft> y.y
[22:41]<Schaefft> <.<
[22:42]<Catlin> cya
[22:42]<Krystian> cya
[22:42]<Schaefft> cya
[22:42]<Krystian> cya
[22:42]<Catlin> cya
[22:42]<Catlin> bye
[22:42]<Krystian> cya
[22:42]<Schaefft> cya
[22:42]<Catlin> adios
[22:42]<Schaefft> bye
[22:42]<Catlin> ciao
[22:42]<Schaefft> ciao
[22:42]<Schaefft> <.<
[22:42]<Krystian> thus
[22:42]<Schaefft> tschüss
[22:42]<Catlin> au revoir
[22:42]<Krystian> ohh right
[22:42]<Schaefft> auf wiedersehen
[22:42]<Krystian> tschüss*
[22:42]-->|Panesar ( has joined #smcars
[22:42]<Catlin> bye ffs
[22:42]<Krystian> dowidzenie
[22:42]<Panesar> ?
[22:42]<Krystian> dowidzenia*
[22:42]<Schaefft> lol
[22:42]<Krystian> nara
[22:43]<Schaefft> okay
[22:43]<Schaefft> now really
[22:43]<Schaefft> cu
[22:43]<Krystian> cu
[22:43]<Schaefft> bye bye
[22:43]<Panesar> cu
[22:43]<Panesar> cu
[22:43]<Panesar> cu[
22:43]<Krystian> cu
[22:43]<Panesar> cu
[22:43]<Panesar> cu
[22:43]<Panesar> cucu
[22:43]<Panesar> cu
[22:43]<Panesar> cu
[22:43]<Panesar> cucuc
[22:43]<Panesar> ucu
[22:43]<Panesar> cu
[22:43]<Schaefft> >.<
[22:43]<Panesar> WTF
[22:43]<Schaefft> cu
[22:43]<Krystian> I will miss you
[22:43]<Schaefft> I wont miss u
[22:43]<Schaefft> xD
[22:43]<Krystian> I will miss you
[22:44]<Schaefft> I will miss you too sweetheart
[22:44]<Krystian> ohhh
<elusive> Schaefft!
<elusive> gotcha!
<Schaefft> what
<elusive> you are online :D
<Schaefft> O___________o
<elusive> stop ignoring us :D
<Schaefft> xD
<elusive> haha
<Schaefft> I think Im going to play some css
<Schaefft> or google streetview
<Schaefft> hmmmmmmmm
<Schaefft> omg, a lesbain version of mtv next <.<
<elusive> anyway i gotta go, cya all later!
|<-- elusive has left (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.80 [Firefox])
<Schaefft> lol


Traffic Car Connoisseur
here's one that came up, thought would be worthy of sharing:

[03:29:29 pm] || <spitty> hey look i have a ball
[03:30:23 pm] || <schaefft> <.<
[03:30:27 pm] || <schaefft> >.>
[03:30:47 pm] || <schaefft> lol panesar
[03:31:02 pm] || <schaefft> I think that nuke explosion is the next clip
[03:31:18 pm] || <multimediaman> "I can has bigger ball"
[03:32:11 pm] || <spitty> loolololol
[03:32:25 pm] || <Panesar> lol
[03:32:26 pm] || <spitty> universal love haha
[03:34:10 pm] || <multimediaman>
[03:34:11 pm] || <multimediaman>
[03:34:13 pm] || <multimediaman>
[03:34:15 pm] || <multimediaman>
[03:34:17 pm] || <multimediaman>
[03:34:20 pm] || <multimediaman>
[03:34:34 pm] || <multimediaman> for someone who's name is mazda6, he sure likes photographing saturns
[03:34:36 pm] || <spitty> urgh
[03:34:53 pm] || <spitty> he sure is a loser :D
[03:34:57 pm] || <Panesar> ^^
[03:35:03 pm] || <Panesar> +1 spitty
[03:35:26 pm] || <multimediaman>
[03:38:39 pm] || <spitty> baby WEE WEE baby WEE WEE, he has to PEE
[03:38:50 pm] || <multimediaman> "WE CAN HAS BIGGEST BALL!"

/me is not be obsessed with lolcat speak ¬_¬