The car you never should have sold!


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2003 Cadillac Seville STS. My first, with its Northstar V8. Every 30 seconds I want to kick myself for giving it up for a 2004 Dodge Ram Rumble Bee. I just turned 17 and I can agree "teenagers make stupid moves."
My 1952 Kaiser Manhattan due to divorce, had the car for over 30 years way longer then the ex. Wasn't real happy either about having to sell my 68 Cougar when I got laid off in Cali years ago, all heavy duty suspension pieces with polyurethane bushings, 15" rims, lowered 1" rear, 2" front, Koni Shocks, Art Carr built C-4.


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I had BMW 323i(e30). It was a 1986 model, champagne gold coloured. It was fifteen years old and could still do 210km/h(130mph) without breaking a sweat. Had power steering,AC,ABS,Computer display, cruise control. For a car in the brought out in the eighties these were extreme luxuries!

I should have never sold it, oh no wait....Some SOB stole it.