The Fast and The Furious Competition

Who has the best FNF Car?

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Well the Rice It comp is over so time for something new.

Here are the Rules

1. You must choose a car from any of the 3 movies.
2. The car must be a new model and nothing old.
3. You must show your progress.

Starts 4th of July, Ends Aug 31'st

When you post in WIP please put "fnfc - Carname"

Voting will be a poll and based on final renders.


Accurse there is a price. The winner of the competition will be able to request a tutorial on any part of a car, OR will be able to pick 3 things from my FNF Evo model.

So please have fun and enjoy yourself.

P.S. I would like to see a lot of members join this competition otherwise its no fun and I might just delete it if there are only like 4 entries.


1. prophet1006 - Toyota Supra -

2. jsruk - RX7

3. carfreak - Skyline R34

4. KIRO - RX7

5. breakerc - Silvia

6. woutyuh - 350z
I'm not to familiar with fnf3 but here are some cars from fnf1 and fnf2 if anybodies intrested.

VW Jetta

Toyota Supra

Mazda RX-7

Mitsubishi Eclipse

Honda Civic

Honda S2000

Mitsubishi Eclipse

Nissan Skyline

Mitsubishi Evo

VW Golf

Dodge Charger

Toyota Supra

Thats all the ideas i can come up with right now. If anybody gots anything else from any of those please feel free to add. Also i didnt add anything from fnf3 but that allowed. I just havnt seen movie all the way yet so i cant specificly google out cars.


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Hmm sounds interesting, will have to think about this 1. As soon as i finish my lowpoly CRX, i might start 1. I hope lots of people join!
*edit* Actually if i can find some pics of the Hulk car in tokyo drift, and even find out what sort of model it is i will be doing that 1.
Im going to have to give this one a shot. I hope some noobs join this contest so I wont feel alone. Well I might do either the eclipse from part 1 or 2. Im famialir with the one from part 2 so im not sure yet
#11 said:
hey redstar :) my question is simple.. can i join if have already modeled stock version of my eclipse and i want to tune it as in f&f?
Nope sorry. If i let one person off with it then ill have to let every1 off with it. So no sorry buddy.
its a volkswagon toureg or however its spelled, anyways

the cars from FNF3 are,

Nissan 350Z
Veilside Mazda RX7
Lancer Evolution 8
Volkswagon Toureg
Nissan 240SX w/ S15 front end/RB26DET
Ford Mustang fastback w/ RB26DET
Mazda RX8

sorry i dont have any pics of them, this is just from memory, there are a few more but i cant remember what they are
it wouldnt be a 240...i believe it was just the S15 Silvia from Tokyo. So it would have the side skirts, the rear bumper, and the front bumper.

and i just remembered there was a maxima i believe in the first f&f.