The 'High' Rollers Contest - Finished Entries Thread

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This is it guys!! The 'High' Rollers Contest Finished Entries Thread. Please post your 2 finished renders of both the front, and the back of your ride, here... Also, any other renders (i.e, 'action-shots') that you think show off your model even more. These aren't compulsory, but are encouraged.

Please, no comments. This thread is soley for competitors' entries.

This thread will be closed on Sunday, the 28st of September at 10am GMT, and then one week of voting, as the Winners will be announced in the following Weekly Write-Up.

Good luck to all!!


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Grave Digger

Heres my entry....the famous Grave Digger!
I had an awesome idea for the final scene, but due to going back to Australia I didnt have enough time to put it into action. So here are some studio shots of it, some of the materials are a bit off, but as I said I dont have time at the moment to fix them up.
Good luck to all the entries!


Ok here we go. Lol , looks like a RC model really. As usual time ran out , and I didn't leave enough time for renders.
Once again , big thanks to everyone on SM-Cars for the competition , I have really learned some useful stuff doing these comps. and urge anyone wanting to improve their skills to give them a go. Cheers


hi everyone
been experiencing some hardware problems lately (my video card cooling system died)
so i have fallen back for a bit
just one render for now (lot's of bugs but it's better than nothing - don't wanna withdraw the competition)
the back render is coming too but later if admins will allow to add it


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