The High Rollers Contest - Poll!

Who has the truck that is tickling your inner redneck?

  • Kran - The Big Dodge

    Votes: 6 12.5%
  • Prykie - Grave Digger

    Votes: 28 58.3%
  • Rcat - Land Rover

    Votes: 2 4.2%
  • Sergo - Renault Twingo

    Votes: 12 25.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Okay it's time to vote the best Monster Truck, too bad only 4 finished their models would've been great to see some other models too.

When voting, please take into technical exectution of modeling, texturing and rendering.

And as before don't vote your own work ;)


First entry: Kran - The Big Dodge


Second entry: Prykie - Grave Digger


Third entry: rcat - Land Rover


Fourth entry: Sergo - Renault Twingo

It was really hard to choose, but the Grave digger got my vote. The modeling is just perfect, like all of the other models, but I guess this one got the most details (the engine and suspension look awesome!) and Im sure there is alot of work in this paintjob.

Good job Prykie, you got my vote. :)


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gravedigger got my vote, although it was a VERY close tie between that and the cute little Twingo lol

really wish I had finished my entry for this contest :(


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+1 for Sergo.

wery nice textures, nice model, good background , and just perfect Imagination(monster truck - renault, thats why he has my vote)


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Well choose was uber hard but....
... Kran: Your model is very, very good, but you should improve your rendering skills. It isn't only about model. BTW nice tooth.
... Prykie: Your model is nice too, rendering is much better than Kran's but.. It isn't so crazy as it used to be.
...Rcat: dunno why but I don't like top part of your monsterrrrr. I mean Landiee fits perfect for this job but your model needs more details or something which will make it more intrestive. Good work on suspension and render :D
aandd my choose ! Sergo! When I saw this Twingo first time I was like "OMG that is realy insane monster truck !" Little twingo in pick-up mod and with wheels 2 times bigger than car ! That is what I was expecting from this contest. Great job

Congrats to everyone who has finished their model :D


Uber hard to choose for me too. But my vote goes to the Twingo by Sergo. Because the choice of car and how it was unexpected to see such a car for such a contest : hey, it was already completely unexpected to see a Twingo modeled here on SMC ;)

By the way, I want to congratulate every one of the 4 final entries : all the projects are really greatly detailed, really credible and really fun to study. Thanks for the good time, people. Good luck to every one for the result !!!

I thought all of the entries were really well made and creative.
But, my vote goes to grave digger. My favourite monster truck, and amazingly well modelled, textured, rendered by Prykie.
Everyone did a great job though :D 8)


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Wow! What fantastic results by all that completed their entries. Choosing was quite difficult indeed; but Prykie and the Digger got my vote.

Bid Dodge - Great modeling and details, love the concept of making the new charger into a truck, it really works well. Need to put some more focus into learning how to make better renders. Overall great job.

Grave Digger - Flat out awesome all the way around. Excellent model, detail, Texture work, and renders.

Land Rover - Quite nice overall. Frame/Suspension work is excellent, but the body seems a bit rushed and too low of a detail level for the rest. Great Renders. Has more of a plastic model or RC car type feel to it.

Twingo - Wow. Really sweet concept, great modeling and very nice renders. It was a super close call between this and Grave Digger.

Congrats to all! Very nice efforts by each of you.
Land Rover got my vote.
I like the normal offroad car look in it and the render is really cool in my opinion!
Thanks man , needed a little boost of confidence.

With the body , I needed to convert it to a vraymesh as the scene was getting a bit heavy for my pc.
That process seems to have destroyed all the seams making the car look low detail. It's my fault , just a lesson learned for future.
Wow! They are all really great :eek:. Really good tires on that cute little renault so it got my vote :D. Maybe the car body color could be different but nothing else to crit.

But all models are definitely very very well done. So great job everyone! :thumbsup:
This was a seriously tough choice for me, all the work is awesome and I love that twingo!! I was very cautious when I saw the WIP of that but it has come out fantastic.

My vote went to Grave Digger though, purely and simply the modeling and texturing are spot on IMO and it has alot of nostalgic appeal, I remember watching that truck as a kid and just for that reason alone I had to vote for it :)

Great job all you made this one insanely tough to chose!


Thanks stefan de wit for posting a vote. But the deadline was last Sunday, so your vote won't be taken in account.

Please wake up earlier for next contest ;) Just kidding of course. What about entering the next one (which is undefined yet) ?