The 'High' Rollers Contest

Well I had to get and update, who all is in on this contest, We got to start showing some stuff or the contest might get closed ( no threat intended) just need to see whats been cooking in everyones heads.


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^ im defo in, but wont be showing anything untill later next week / week after .... had a big deadline for today so no time to start yet :(

If I have time to make something from scratch, it will more than likely be a 69 GTX bigfoot lol
If not, then it will be one of my other cars modified :)


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I'm dying to be in the contest ... but I've started work now, so it could be a while before I am able to do stuff on the project.

And I still have massive amounts of blueprints to create... :awe:

I'm sure you all know what kinda vehicles I'd be considering for the monster car :p
I am definitely in. Still trying to find some definitive chassis reference , but I'll start this weekend. Not sure what car I'll put on , will probably rework one of my old models.
I dont know what "donk" means? Must be some local slang, because all I could find is a 70's caprice...?

I might have something for this contest...I'm in!

Edit: Nevermind, I found out...Those are STUPID looking!
I have a vision where my monstertruck drives over Saturns and Ford Taurus :tehee:

Just need to decide if I model car from scratch or should I use one of my old models :think:


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I know you didn't just go there


Pennywise knows your fears... Pennywise uses those fears against you! :goofus:

And on that note, Imma start my car tonight when I get home from work! :uhh:
whassup? :uhh: well, just a question :D is it needed to be made from a real car or can be a just "something"? ...something big... ...on big wheels... ...with big motor... and with big fuel consumption... :D:D