The 'High' Rollers Contest

If you love your cars' ride height exceeding most pedestrian bridges, pr your inner-redneck gets hot flushes every time you see some Saturn or Oldsmobile being rolled over by some ridiculous sized tyres, then this Official SMC Contest is for you...

It's Monster Trucks people, and we want to see how you got making 'em!!

As any American would tell you, bigger is best, and that's just the sort of attitude we need you all to have for this Contest.

Monster Truck: An automobile, typically styled after pickup trucks, modified or purposely built with extremely large wheels and suspension.

It's simple; take a vehicle, any vehicle, jack it up 6+ feet into the air and add tyres the size of VW Beetles and presto!! You've got yourself a ride that any hillbilly would happily trade in his wife/sister for!!


Contest Specifics:

- The modeling, texturing and rendering of one Monster Truck.

- Your ride can be any make/model of a 4-or-more wheeled vehicle.

- It can be low, mid or high-poly, however technical execution and creativity will be taken on-board when it comes to judging.

- Model is to be shown in the 'High' Rollers section, with the heading "High Rollers Contest: *car make/model*", and kept up-to-date as much as possible.

- Final renders must include a Front and Rear shot. Other renders are welcome, however aren't compulsory.

- No teaming up. This must be solely your own project.

- Models can be customised versions of your olds works.


Derby Day:

Derby Day, the day of which all Contest entires must be submitted by, will be 2 months from today, on September the 28th, 10am GMT.

Once this has been done, 1 week will be given for voting, and then the winners will be announced and award an Official Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal.

Good luck to all!!


Super Moderator
Im IN! and very excited!!!!!!! just try and stop me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im gunna go redneck on yer asses... not sure what with yet though

if I have time, it will be something new... ive got a few project cars I wanna do, but otherwise I'm glad the option is there to modify... cause if Im short for time I would still love to enter with a jacked up version of some previous model.

awsome choice as always guys, cant wait to start work!!!!
Indeed this is going to be a great contest if everyone sees the potential it offers. Anyhow to get everyone gearing for this I dug up some pictures of some different style "real" High ROllers.

I will also post this same information in the 'High" Rollers contest forum which is at this link =

Anyhow most important thing, have fun, and let your imagination be the only limit ;)


I want to post a quick tip for those who are not aware of such a thing. If you fellas will be rendering your final trucks with Vray use a material diffuse thing called Vraydirt for the tires. What this will do is allow you to have your regular tire material but will also add dirt in areas where they would be on the real wheel. So yeah, if you want to get that extra little realistic feel to your render play around with the vray dirt modifier, trust me you wont be disappointed.