Topless: 2 doors Lancer Evo convertible

lost everything due to blendercrash version 2.54 i had recently downloaded
all old blender drawings all there is almost nothing left. i dont know if i'm able to make it till deadline.
man, that sucks, last renders were looking really cool... :(
but, don't u have a backup of your files or something? are they corrupt?
I lost all my HD data a few months ago, really frustrating... I hope you can do something about it...
found my body model back but have to redo the entire interior and all the small parts on the body ant the lights that is for this project and the rest i think is really gone


Sorry for your loss, stefan. Did you check .blender folder (on Linux, or Temp in Local Settings in Windows) ?

And remember the lesson you painfully learned : never use beta software (or software you never used before) for production projects.
i had 10 kopies but they all where erased inclusiv all the old stuff inworked on all my bleuprints all the old blender files it erased everyting on my account what in some way in contact was with blender. what i found was in an other account


I guess you're using Blender internal renderer. The blocky shadows are due to a lack of sample in your area lights. Increase that setting, but be careful : too high value will explode your render time !

About the in-forest render, try to mix the background with the shadow. As there is ambiant light in the forest, you can't have a 100% black shadow.