Topless: Bmw e34 Cabrio


Thanks !

Some issues I noticed :

- Front bumper (just below headlights) isn't as smooth as it could be. You have some vertical rows of vertices too close, creating the curvature change. Try to locate evenly those rows.
- The BMW calendar has bumps just below and above it (around the double bean)
- Surroundings of the headlight has 2 bumps, one above, one on the outside.
- The shape of the frond end of the front fender, just above the bumper, is not accurate. Please check with a refpic (e.g.
- The fold in front of and behind the wheel isn't accurate either. The same refpic shows it.
- You need to sharpen behind the wheel arch.
- The gap between turn signal and fender need to be the same width than the other gaps (e.g. between hood and fender)