Topless: Bugatti 16C Galibier Road Boat

Hi everybody

This contest is a good way for me to do some computed things this summer, so I'm in :p

I discovered this car (Bugatti 16C Galibier) when it was unveiled some months ago, and I told myself : "Whaaa, this car would be the perfect car for me !". Then I read the price, and told myself : "Uh, modelize it will be cheaper...".

But I haven't found the time to do it, and moreover my desire when I do 3D stuff is doing something that hasn't been done yet (IRL or in 3D) (and it is very difficult to find XD)

So I'm here with this project !

The car will be totally roofless OR convertible, I don't know yet. I'd like to do some renders in a cool environment, but I'll try to fully modelize it first :p

Here are the first views of basic lines, very hard to see how it is cool ( XD ) on static view.

I'll try to show you more fastly, depends on free time I have :)

See you !


Hey Astr0s, wait to see the result on first renders with modeling finished, wheels higher than they are now, and other details :p then we could discuss the choice of rims :p

I'm glad to see some people here, and i'd love to show you more, but i am an intern for the summer, i work from 6:30am to 2:00pm a week and from 02:30pm to 10:00pm the week after and so on, so i haven't the time i want to work on this project.

I want modeling to be finished before August, then I could start (real) texturing and test rendering.

See ya !
Hey folks

I am a bit late on initial timing, but i'm always in, hoping i'll finish before the end ^^

I start the interior, i'll show you when dashboard and seats will be done.

Ciao !


your modelling looks clean, can you show some wires, I can't wait to see the interior will it be something wooden and expensive like RR 100ex, or more like standard galiber interior?