Topless: Bugatti 16C Galibier Road Boat


A little update. I think I'm afraid of starting the interior, because there's nothing done yet xD (I have never fully modelized a vehicule interior by the way :/) I'll try to start the dashboard during the next hours, but nothing's sure ^^

Bye !



aka chosenlv
Wow, i don't like Veyron but this bugatti looks sweeeeeet "like J. Clarkson say" :D btw I don't knew about this model before your post :) very nice progress, good luck with working on it ;)
I made these exhaust pipes like they are on photos ^^

I will not modelize the roof (for now) because i have to design it without any reference and i would really like to finish in time ^^
Thanks everybody :)

Here is THE first render (in facts i'm lying, i did a lot of test renders previously xD).

I'm always working on it, still some things to improve, but it is close to the end. I'm looking for an other angle to shot the car ^^

Please tell me if something hurts your eyes :)



Now that the image is here, here're my critics :

- Mesh issue with windshield : I guess you have some thickness edges on the middle ;)

- Rims and tire just doesn't fit the car

- Front grille isn't opened enough, each element is too thick

- Front grille shader is too bright.

- Need more depth for rendering in the headlights.

- Side mirrors need some work. The width/height ratio doesn't look good. And the pillar need details, where it meets the door.

Otherwise, congrats !!! It really look as majestic as it should, and the paint scheme suits it damn well.

What renderer / settings did you use ? You need to achieve way better render to make the model justice. But I guess it won't be a problem ;)