Topless: Bugatti 16C Galibier Road Boat

Now that the image is here, here're my critics :

- Mesh issue with windshield : I guess you have some thickness edges on the middle ;)
Lol you're wrong, it is just the thing that hold the mirror behind windshield, but the render is 25% of final wanted size so we cannot see all details :/

- Rims and tire just doesn't fit the car
Eeeer, question of taste, but i'll maybe try stock rims in order to compare (but i liiiiike them by the way xD)

- Front grille isn't opened enough, each element is too thick
I'm not sure I understand well, but are you sure there is a difference between my model and photos ?

- Front grille shader is too bright.
Yeah, and it is the same as rims, so i think it is a problem of lighting

- Need more depth for rendering in the headlights.
I'll probably do a test with headlights on, it'll solve the problem ^^

- Side mirrors need some work. The width/height ratio doesn't look good. And the pillar need details, where it meets the door.
I'd like to know if it appears to be different from photos of the real one :)

Otherwise, congrats !!! It really look as majestic as it should, and the paint scheme suits it damn well.
Thanks ! :) I'll probably add some gold here and here, and we'll see if it is better ^^

What renderer / settings did you use ? You need to achieve way better render to make the model justice. But I guess it won't be a problem ;)
I use LuxRender, and, like Indigo, it is a unbiaised renderer, and it needs time to reduce the noise. It is not uniform, there is more noise on dark areas btw. That explains, I think, the look of headlight.

This render is about 700 samples/pixels (pretty low). I'll do a more sampled one for final render :)

Lighting is composed by an "infinite" environment, acting like GI or AO, an aree light above the car, for nice reflect on front wing and "good" lighting of the interior, a plane mesh emitter at left hand with a warmer color of temperature and another plane in front of the car to light headlight a little bit more.

And don't hesitate to check on netcarshow the photos of the real Galibier, there are not a lot, but it will confirm if something's wrong ^^

See ya !


- Mesh issue with windshield : OK I didn't check a refpic.

- Rims and tire : of course it's a matter of personal taste. But I'll appreciate to see stock ones ;)

- Front grille : I've checked a refpic, and I think I was right : the elements around each hole are too thick. The "open surface / total surface" ratio is therefore too low : that's why I said it's not opened enough.

- Headlight : looking forward to see a render of them turned on.

- Side mirrors : the upper half of the shell is too flat, so making it more round will increase total height. About details, I guess better render quality will show the intersection of the pillar and the door.

- Gold : are you kinding me ? DON'T RICE IT :) In fact, you managed to make your car looking already better than the actual concept. That's a huge accomplishment, me thinks.

About rendering, for a unbiased render, it's already quite noise-free. I played with Indigo when it came out, and I drop it to go back to Yafaray because of the prohibitive times needed to get rid of the noise. Never tried other unbiased engines, I still have work to master Yafaray :)

Bon courage !
Thanks Jomar and tom :)

About the front grille, I let you check with a front view, let me know what do you think of it :)

There wasn't really an intersection between the pillar and the door, i improved it a little by giving a thickness to the pillar, I hope it'll look better ^^

About gold, I'll maybe do a other version, with wider wings, lower spoiler, and some other great features (and lots of gold of course) :D

I'm always working on the rendering. It took me 10hrs to render the last pic, at 12000 Samples/s with my laptop, but I hope to do the final render with my Desktop (about 70000 Samples/s fast :D).

If you have more than one computer, you can try network rendering, very simple with Luxrender. Or ask friends :D

A bientôt !


Here are the last modifications I made. About 7hrs of rendering, and always some noise here and here.

I am stuck with Luxrender, pretty unstable on my Mac and my Desktop (both Ubuntu and Linux). I'm asking myself if I have enough memory to render this file >.<

I did nothing but modify lighting, and some meshes (front wing and mirror pillar).



I have a 8GB RAM, dual Xeon 5355 (8 cores at 2.66GHz) I can give it a 48 hours render if you want and if LuxRender is working under Windowse Server 2003.

I'm still concerned about the front grille. Let's do it in french it will be easier. Sorry for the non-french-enabled members :) La taille d'une maille (ensemble trou + métal) me semble bonne, mais par contre il faut affiner le métal pour que le trou soit plus grand. Got me this time ? :D
Hey tom

Thanks for proposing your PC, but I fixed my problem yesterday. I underclock my processor to 3GHz, wich was overclocked to 3.2GHz, and it is much better ! I also added some extra memory :D. It was running with Indigo 32bits on Ubuntu 32bits on my Intel Q6600 (64bits),so I installed 64bits versions of both. I think i'm ready now ^^

It's running a 75% render, for 20 hours now and it reaches 1000Samples/pixels, quite good, but still not enough. It is more a test of the new configuration than a final render, so i won't stop it yet.

About front grille, i'm not convinced :D

I'm always working on some details

Et merci pour l' explication en français :)

Bye !

Here is the last render I made. 2100 samples/pixels, about 43 hours of rendering :D

I'm working on a render with the same angle but with only the left light and headlights on.


fantastic work man! rendering needs a lil work but the modelling looks great! I just saw this car on Jalopnik the other day but not in two tone. Cheers!


Impressive work indeed. Care to share some settings about your shaders ? I would love to give LuxRender a try (not for the contest, so later would be fine)
Thanks a lot !

LuxBlend (the Luxrender exporter for Blender) can convert your shaders, and then you can adjust settings, but they are quite good if you have done good settings with Blender.

Here are some pictures of shader settings and one view of the scene. Ask me if you wanna see something more :)


Hi tinpau

yeah i know, but i don't know what's the problem... Mesh and normals are clear, and there is not direct lighting to this area :?

I'll probably correct it in post prod

The final render is being calculated, about 70hrs for now, and there is always some noise :D

I have to do another render with a different angle, i'll probably do a side view :)

Voilà !


I missed this update from you.

tinpau is right about door handles, they suck :) Otherwise the render quality is much better, the support for internal rear mirror is much cleaner. But the render is too small. I hope you'll be able to afford enough time to compute two large renders.
Don't worry about the final render size, it will be 3648x2736 :D

I'm working on the second render setup while the first is rendered, i hope i will start the second with no delay after the first end.

bye !