Topless: Cartoon 59 Caddy

My choice is a cartoon 59 Caddy that a friend of mine, DaHulk from the HubGarage drew up for me to model ... Its perfect for this contest as it is topless and cool.

Should be fun and challenging to get it to look just right. Probably will change the color.... but who knows

Good luck everyone


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I agree... I saw hisd stuff and told him I would love to do it in 3D ... he agreed. So I did his 58 Apache Pick up ... then he drew this 59 caddy that I suggested and off I went on this.

Tires and rims are done... just real hard to see much of them. Mostly whitewall and a little bit of rim and hubcap on the fronts.... just a little whitewall and tire on the rears :)

But they are there.
I always liked this style, looks good. I know its reflections but is the front of the fender curving in or out? looks like its going in.

I decided to model the a 59 also, just not cartoon :) mine will be a four door convertible.
Thanx for all the comments and crits... I have done a bunch of work on the body and interior for size and such. I did redo the front fender area and I think it is a lot better. I will post a pic soon.

Still unsure on body color ... Suggestions ??

Still working on it...

Latest version of the Caddy....

Still a few things to do , but getting close. Still not sure of color either.

Just ordered new computer parts, should get them early next week... It should really help my render speeds.