Topless: chevy impala '59

I decided to take part in this contest, here is beginings of my model:

nothing interesting now, but maybe after few days it will look better ;)


thanks for comments,
today I have done front. I often use convering to editable poly after ms, so wireframe doesn't look interesting
Ulyanovetz - not only bullet-shaped parts on the bumper make impala looking like cadilac, I modelled caddy 62 series, and this impala has a lot of similarities :)

AMV12 - here is more ;)
thanks :)
salim - i use palat's blueprints ;)
chris20 - I must model fast beacause this model is not only for contest but also for customer. I have to make impala coupe, impala convertible and impala pick-up (el camino).
p2sta- I have good photos of front, rear and side. As 'support" blueprint I use it

Here is completed exterior of coupe, now I'm starting modelling interior (it will be rather simlple).
Are all details of logos on wheels and car body modelized ? (If they are, it is amazing :eek: )

Could you give us the number of poly ? Even if the interior is missing ^^