Topless: chevy impala '59

The WOW effect, man your level of detail is spectacular, i'm not familiar with the model but the modeling looks verry clean and perfect, it'll will be verry interesting in september

thumbs up and wish you luck man you deserve it.
thank you for comments :)
in this update I'm showing fast preview of main scene, of course I will add objects, change background and improve textures, materials and lighting (I hope :p)
Hell you could just go with the grayscale renders from above, this car is amazing. Take the grayscale renders and make them look like an old picture. Great work!!!!


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My favorite 50s design and you did a perfect model!
If you got the time, please do some blueprints of your models.
And if you got even more time, you could make a Biscayne 2 door.(yes, I love the low priced 59s...still!)

Just one little crit:I think the wheel track is too wide.The wheels, esp. in the front, should move more into the wheel houses.
Yes! I love this era of automobiles! Really like the mood of the last render, but I think I agree with durban. Can we see the final wires? This would look cool alongside Bookmaker's Pontiac! Has anyone here ever combined models into a render? Like a joint render or something?
Woodroe_29 - I wish final render render would looked good in colour too ;)
Tol@te - blueprint , I tried to post it on blueprint forum, but I haven't permission. I didn't make biscane (maybe in future), but I made el camino :)
durban - I hope I will make one final render before deadline and I prefer rear ;) but probably I will make some after contest.
Mr.So Much - final wires. Comined renders? if I had enough time...
OldDog- propably temporary server problems
thanks all :)
Thanks for the BPs!
One thing you got to know: All the non hardtop Bodies had a 2.5 inches higher roof than the convertible, coupe and 4 door HT.
That means you should raise the roof of the El Camino a bit.
Right now it looks chopped.;)