Topless: chevy impala '59

I knew that something was wrong with my model proportion. Thanks!
I think, my impala model has more inaccuraties, so look often at the reference imgaes when you use my blueprints.
hey mrgraf! really cool shot!
you know, I told you before... I love this car's front view... maybe you could make a second shot from that angle, you have to anyway to present 2 final shots for the contest ! :D

- For final entries, must be rendered two main shots showing off the model at it's best angles. Studio renders would be fine, however creativity within renders is advised. Remember it's summer, but some crazy folks loves spider under the snow.

ok, just an idea :)
For that shot, I could imagine some pearlessence in the paint to give it a nice flickering from the red sunset, as for that render I think you have too much light coming in on the rear
Glorious render!

One thing though, your reflections are reflecting daylight and the scene is supposed to be dark.

It doesn't quite fit together. But that model is awesome!
Thanks for comments, because of "one extra month of summer" i will try to improve this and make other render, where you can see front of this car ;)