Topless: Ferrari Enzo


nice work dude !

you know? the Ferrari Enzo is my Fav car ever , you have to do a great job on it or i'll kill you :p. j/k

good luck to you dude !

Salim Ljabli
@ Salim :Hehehe thanks bro! I will give my best.

@ Shilpinator: yup, Scatman John was funny guy :)

This is basic design of engine cover,so what do you think?.and with or without wing?black box present intake manifold .its placed high up in real enzo,so in this one it will be placed outside :D


OutRun 2006 by Sega had a Special Edition topless Enzo, so if you run into some design/build problems, check out that game as theirs looked pretty sweet.

I like your wing idea too.


nice progress bro !

i've just pointed out some few accuracy problems on the side nothing complicated to fix; here is a link i'm sure you'll notice them and fix them quicly :) .

please check : Ferrari Enzo pictures

wish you all best luck , and if you want i'll do a picture for you to show them all to you :).

Thanks guys, really appreciate your comments!

Salim you probably think on all those side indicators?Well i don't wont to model them because they look ugly,on the other hand i don't wont to cut too much on details ,so i have big dilemma about that :hmm: (i will add side badge later)

I modeled wheels,they are slightly modified stock wheels :D


Hi guys!thanks for comments!
I was lazy past few weeks,so i didn't work at all on project.I made few simple object (mesh grill,tail pipes)and do few scaling,moving just to "kick start" project.i will post proper updates soon.
@stew2000 its going to be permanent open top