Topless:Ghia Roadster Concept

Well thanks Tom

Heres some more updates, got most of the body flushed out, need to work on some curvature issues on the front bumper cover and the side skirt are.

Right now I'm undecided on how swept/upright I want to make the a-pillar, any suggestions/thoughts/etc. I was planning on doing more of a classic look with a more upright a-pillar, but thinking that may not look to hot considering the length of this car (going to be mid/rear engine)


Think I found a shape for the rear, still flushing things out, and got a shape going for the windscreen which I'm going to move forward from what I had originally planned. Kicked out the rear well a bit rear bumper covers a bit messy atm but still working on the shape and a few minor fixes in curvature and I almost have something


I'm still being indecisive about the rear, so I thought it might make things easier to get the interior done first so I can tie in the back and get a good fit, well at least its started anyways. The dash is basically straight out of a Jetta MK5 if it looks familiar



very nice designe dude !

it remind me of the ford cobra , mini couper . seats Audi R8 !

really nice compositing ! i wish you all best luck !

can't wait to see how it will looks at the end .

Well heres some more updates on the door frames and interior, still working on the surfaces but felt I had enough finished to show some renders. At least I can say the hardest part of the car is done

"it remind me of the ford cobra , mini couper . seats Audi R8 !"

The main body cut lines where taken from a 63 Ghia and then beefed up the thickness and gave it a wider stance, and rounded out the body more like a Cobras (63 Ghia and 65 Cobra where my main insipration)

The seats where based off an image of a MK5 GTI R32 Concept Interior