Topless:Ghia Roadster Concept

Actually those are not racing stripes on the rear, those are the auxiliary fan cowl covers that I made white, but I do think your onto something with carrying over some striping onto the hood, and since we got some more time I will add some and also maybe some pinstriping, was also thinking maybe some ghost flames on the front.
i would keep the pinstriping and ghost flames relitively subtle, so it complements the car
Most definitely subtle, gonna play around with the idea and see if I even like it first.

And thanks Worx

Anyways going to be moving this weekend so I will probably be off for a few day and hopefully soon after that have some more progress renders to show off
The model looks great!
I see something weird about the car integration on the background though, maybe the edges are too sharp? or the colors of the background pìc too saturated or vibrant?
Other than that it's perfect ;)