Topless: Hennessey Venom GT


My entry will be a topless version of the Hennessey Venom GT. The original car is already a crazy mix (Lotus Elise front end and chassis, Corvette ZR1 engine and some incredible skills to adapt the engine to chassis) so I'll try to get even crazier to achieve something even more cool ;)

I'm not decided yet if I will do a simple targa version, like a Toyota Supra (i.e. with minimum roof removal) or a more aered version like a Porsche Carrera GT. The simple targa would be more easy, as the Lotus Elise is already one. But I hope I can achieve a better design, at least let's say more elaborated. Let's say something like nice engine cover (like Carrera GT or Bug' Veyron) with amazing air intake (like Zonda Five Roadster)

So before drawing my concept, I will focus on getting a spline cage right. No blueprints for this one (I asked Hennessey yesterday, no answer so far) so I just used the black refpics I attached below as main sources and a lot more refpics for details study.


All Hennessey car are just crazy (in a good way, of course), nice choice. I like the idea about engine cover and air intake. Waiting for your design!


Thanks for commenting.

Here's a first step of modeling : front hood is a b**ch, seriously. One of the hardest part I modeled ever. Still much work to do, mostly cleaning surfaces and edges.

No renders, only viewport screen shots. I attached a couple of wireframe views, but the wire need some work to even the spacing.



The Land Cruiser Maniac
Oh that hood really looks like a nightmare. But nice job you´ve done with it!

Cant wait to see more of this beaty.
looks indeed like a good start :) Glad i could motivate you!! I do really like your choice of car, as it isn't a car you see modelled, ever! So good luck and i'll be following this closely!


I'm glad you like, people. Thanks for commenting. I googled a little and indeed it looks like I'm the first one world-wide trying to model this one. Me happy :)

More progress : air outtakes behind front wheels (sexy area I think), doors (missing some details), rear cover (gonna need tweaking when rear bumper & sides will be done).

I'm not done with the concept yet, so I just cut the "rear shield" out (if one can call it a rearshield on Exige/Venom GT !) There are some pictures available with the engine visible. It's a crowded place (air boxes, turbos, air intake, exhausts...) and I'll try to make it visible (because I love to view all that stuff) and designed (like Veyron or Carrera GT) at the same time.


nice, i like where this projects is going! Really curious to your concept of a convertible!! Side looks good, tho the pictures are small, can you post some larger pictures ?


nice progress dude !
and as said Erik_S please post bigger pictures.

looking forward to see how this will look cuz i don't know a lot about that car .

good luck to you :) .

Salim Ljabli


Thanks for comments !

Erik_S, you'll find bigger pics below.

chris20, I'll try. I roughly scheduled to spend 1 month on modeling, 1 month on rendering and 1 month on nothing (holidays planned in Italia with friends) So it'll depend on my progress rate.

Update time ! Rear bumper done (I especially love the junction with rear hood) and side done too. A few more hours on cleaning, then it'll be time to add details.

4 first pics are orthographic, I posted them in case anyone need blueprints right now. I'll post another later when model will be more advanced.