Topless: Hennessey Venom GT

Hey Tom, really nice update man :) I like where this project is going!! You got some small pinches at some sharp corners, but nothing that can easily be fixed!! I'm really curious how you gonna create the roof construction!! Will it be a hardtop or softtop ? Looking forward to some updates :)


Thanks for the comment and all your support !

Vladimirsc, your comment make me thinking about no-windshield work, but I disliked my sketches, I thought it doesn't suit the car. So I tried to come up with a "light" and subtle windshield. Have a look below please.

andyflagg, I will. I already posted some orthographic views of my model, please check post #15.

Erik_S, as wrote earlier, I try to achieve a Zonda Cinque Roadster style, mixed with Carrera GT I think. Here's a first attempt.

I'm kinda surprised so much of you doesn't know the car. Basically, it's just one more "tuner attempt against Veyron" : existing car with a 1000hp engine. But I think this do a little more because :
1/ It looks really impressive
2/ It's based on a Lotus Elise/Exige
3/ It features a ambiguous engine, a big american V8 but a rather advanced one, the LS9 from Corvette ZR1
4/ It reminds everyone the Cobra : big US engine on a small UK car.
5/ It doesn't try to mimic the luxury interior of the Veyron, instead it's really close to a Lotus interior.

Enought talk, place for pics.


looks like a great update man :) Tho the only thing that bugs me is the front window, it should be more round!! Rest is looking really cool, i like the style!! Sorry for missing your ideas earlier :)
I agree with Erik_S,top of the windshield needs to be slightly more round.Rest is great,I especially like line from top of the A pillar to the engine cover:thumbsup:please post side view shot.


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Beautiful choice for this contest. This thing is gonna be such a beast when it's produced! Good on ya for being the 3D guinea pig for this car, haha.


Thanks for comments, I do appreciate your words guys.

Little update: added depth to body parts, fixed some bumps and started to model headlights. Only cover are visible as of now.

Below is a quick test render, I'm quite happy of it. I just did reset my Yafaray settings, including shaders.



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That's a mean machine tom, modeling looks very cool, but i wonder are the front wheel arch's & windshield's curvatures correct? :p


hey !

that looks really nice brother ! can't wait to see some test render ^^ .

show some wire next time please :) .

Looks great Tom. The engine cover is a nice solution. And shows enough detail without spending weeks (months?) building a full engine. If I had the choice of 4 weeks in italy with mates or build an engine I know what I would be doing.:)


Thanks for commenting !

Astr0s, I will check front wheel arch. Windshield is quite smooth, but definitely not accurate as it's my own design for this conv' version.

salim, below are some wires.

chris20, glad you like it. But hey ! it's 2 weeks not 4, I'm not that rich ;)

Small update, headlights. I still s**ks at doing headlights housing, so they're far from being smooth & clean, but for such a contest this model will do the job.



Details, details, details...

Better headlight covering, grilles on the top of the hood, grilles in side air intakes (even if they aren't visible with this lighting), some rubber around windows, rear wing with mechanism, rear grille (can't be seen with this view), carbon side skirts...