Topless: Hennessey Venom GT


i would ask for an energy juice instead of coffee XD .

nice update bro ! that looks clean !
maybe some hdri reflection test .

looks nice can't wait to see final product .


Modeling frenzy today, so here's another update : rear extractor and a new paint. I just tried to mimic the "controversial" McLaren F1 copper color.

I'll try to render a more lighted picture (maybe HDRI test) to better show all the dark details.



Long time, no update (and no comment :( ;))

Just a few words to mention I started working on the interior, by doing a spline cage of the main features. I'll try to do as many details as possible, while keeping in mind we're rushing towards the deadline.
I prefer the last render ^^

Nice sport car, and nice work :) I'd like to see it on a track with motion blur and a lot of details like dust and little stones flying around tires, or something like that :D

Waiting for interior !


Nice one, DarkStryder :)

rls, the deadline is just the time limit, i.e. limit to post your entry for this contest.

Here's a better (I hope) seat to respect the deadline. Well as it's still WIP, it will be better because as of now it's a bit... uncomfortable.

To be a bit more serious, it's my first attempt at stitches. Some things to tweak here and there. Leather texturing needs work too. And ... oh ! the seams on the seat body are still missing too...