Topless: Hennessey Venom GT


I followed your advice, the rear wheels are 10% bigger in these 3 pictures than before. But I will increase front and rear track as well.


Thanks for feedback !

On my way to completion. The HDRI integration needs more work. New parts : side mirrors, brake callipers (need more details) And a new paint scheme according to wife's ideas.



This time I think I'm done. Added some details on brake callipers, fixed some issues here and there. Better HDRI, better integration with it.

Let me know what you think !

the car looks real nice.
but there are some things that we (my wife and i ) think were not quite right.
first it looks like the car doesn't touch the ground at all.
and whe think that the car is not in the same angel as the road.

for the rest good job
hi tom !

better render ! my two cents are:

the framing is not perfect, i think you could use the rule of thirds,
the shadow under the car is not hard enough.

bye !


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Well, it looks like that car is flying because there's no shadow, and the HDRI light source is the south-east from the car ... the road is dark and it shouldn't reflect that much light in the shadow ... and the angle of the car can be as it is ... but i dunno... may be just the lens of the camera has wrong settings...

[EDIT: damn remember me to refresh the page next time before posting a comment xD ]

The model is great !