Topless: Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder

Ok, after i saw how many people make progress i decided to start with the gallardo , i don't have much spare time so don't expect update soon, and also i know about the line on the hood, but it's from symmetry modifier, other than that i think it is good for now.


yeah you got some bumps over the car, but nothing that can't be fixed :) i like the choice of the car, and the start, so keep it up!
I don't have enough tine to work on this project for now.
i know about the bumps on the nose where the lips hit the nose and soon will fix it, please show other places so i can make it better.
I finally find a spare time to finish the basic shape, but still not decide how the engine cover should look.
I'm thinking of something like reventon roadster style but cleaner, so it match the front, as it says Stay tuned....
C&C are more than welcome, i know about the pinch on the rear light just don't have time for second render it's ok now. About the wing it was just test for see should I model it or not.


hey man,

nice work on the concept, i like how you've worked the idea out! But like gabi said you got quite some bumps over the place! you should fix them first before you continue! One of the issues is that your wire is just way to dense at the rear wheel arche! You should definately get rid of some of those loops! For the rest just keep it up man!
I will remodel the rear fender because at this moment i can't get rid of bumps with so much edges around. Maybe i'll need help for the door because i can't get it right, for now.
I know i have lot of bumps but just wanna get the basic shape and then to clean the mess and make it "perfect" ;p.
Can i here some comments about the engine cover, do you think reventon roadster style cover will match the agressive front , or just to make the lp560-4 syder style for cleaner and better look?
Well tbh i always wonder why people make something quick first, and then gonna think about 'optimizing' the mesh! When you think about the mesh the first time you create it it will be so much easier to get it right once, and you dont need to remake it in a further stadium.

For me example, i work with as little actions as possible, most things i use are the connect, scale, and move tools. With like 3 actions you can have a smooth surface that doesnt need optimising! Anyway it isn't critic just a question out loud.

anyway ontopic, i would go for a cleaner look in the style of the lp560, as the rev roadster wouldn't suit this little car! Maybe you can make some extra airvents to make it more sporty, but i wouldnt go for the rev style!

Good luck :)
personally i feel like i need to always be ready to do a "final" version at the end, where ill scrap every render-ready piece and re-edgeloop, re-smooth etc. this is just a preference for me but i like having a working model, and then making a final one. (Model looks great btw man, somehow more aggressive than a standard Gallardo.)
About Erik, I also use only move, connect and scale, but in the weekend I have enough time to make the whole shape, cause in the week time i have only nights free to work on it, so i can easily fix the bumps rather than make the whole shape that took me couple hours, I also like to publish cleaner and better renders, but maybe I'm not enough experienced to made them.

I'll try made custom trunk cover with something like Hammann wing to suit this body.
I'm almost finished with the exterior, except the door handles, stoplights and the brake calipers.Soon the outer body will be fully finish
Comments&critics are more than welcome, tomorrow I'll post the wires.