Topless: Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder

The car is looking superb but one question is, will that big wing suit this car or not & also, I would have put a glass bonnet instead sticking to the original spyder bonnet, just for difference.
Ok, now after a good holiday it's finally time for modeling, i start the central console, because it looks like a lot tweaking, and now I'm almost ready trying to catch the deadline.
Comments an critics are more than welcome


there is one blueprint in the Lamborghini section, but most of it is by reference photos, I know about the holes on the gear disk, but it was made in rush
I'll show the ready model soon
I'm finally ready with modeling, and now 6 days, just for rendering and tests,
I know about the seats.
Can somebody help me with making the alcantara material?

I forgot to switch off the specular reflection, so the rear became granny, and about the wheels i don't know what happened



Something went wrong on tires texturing. Not mentionning the same for seats, as you already noticed it ;)

Carbon fiber texture size should be fixed too, the carbon threads are too large.

The rims look too thin to be trusted :)

The hood seams around headlights are not looking good, can you post a wire ?

Also, you should frame your picture with more space around the car, it looks unnatural that way.

Good luck for the final rush !
I won't be able to finish all the things in time, but will try to make the better render
Try to make better carbon fibre but it look little bit dark, also this alcantara material is killing me.
the final test render