Topless: Mercedes Benz SL class


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Go Topless :D
...but , but... I'm always topless :O

This is going to be a great contest ! lots of people already started to work on there models.. and from what i can see, we are going to have some great models here !

Well I decided to work on something totally different then what i thought I will work on ... so since my girlfriend like Mercedes cars.. I'll model this one for her.. It's gonna have some real love in it :)

Atm. I'm gathering reference pictures. blueprints are set up. And I'll start modeling shortly...

I want to wish everyone Happy modeling, and plenty of luck in this contest because we all need it ;)

See you all soon whit some updates !



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ye I forgot that little detail , I'm going for the AMG Black Edition version... building the cage atm -.- the boring part xD


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Thanks Bookmaker!

Well here's an update I've been working on this Cage for 5-6h dunno I just got carried away whit accurate cage... (when the contest is finished it it will be available in download section)




hey brother ! nice to see you doing one of my fav cars :D, i'll probably model one after the contest or after i finish my alfa romeo :p .

the cage looks good and accurate .

good luck to you .

Salim Ljabli.


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Thanks mate !

Hey well I'll give my best ! Glad you like the car :)

:D Oh Bro! you don't know how much this means to me :)
really glad that you like the car, and I'm happy that you think that my cage is accurate :D

Good luck to you to Bro !

Cheers !

you know what .. I just told her pick a car.. .I want to go in to a contest, by modeling it... and she puts up a picture of this car ... so ye I'm doing it for her ,and the contest ofc xD

thanks mate !

you know that we have to :)

Thanks ..
Cheers !

Thanks mate ! I'm gonna need it :)
OK, OK you'll see it don't rush me up :p

here is some progress on the cage...
now after i take a sleep , only thing that i need to do is make a separate cage of the Bumpers .. and then fix it up .. and make it fix the actual cage ant then work on the accuracy ... hope i finish it tomorrow :S or at least after tomorrow ...

Cheers !



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Well just got up.. so I'm gonna finish the cage, and start modeling :)


Well mate. That's looking at the real life;)
Since this is not one... we can do what ever we want :D

you should read the rules of the contest ;)

see you soon whit more updates...


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Small work update, but mode accurate front

;) I do realize that... so now you'll see the cabriolet version of it :)

Didn't had that much time to work on it.. but I just learned how to match the cam to the pictures .. and now I'm really working on the accuracy !

I also pulled out the main lines of the front bumper, they still need little tuning, because they are not really accurate but Now that's not a problem :) everything is easier when you know how to match the pictures :D

here is a small view of the front bumper cage:

Cheers !