Topless : Mini Clubman Estate


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well.. erm... yeah! thats right, an Austin Mini Clubman Estate.... thats topless!

Ok, all jokes aside, I really hope I finish this one!

I know its a rather late entry, but I've been thinking about it and think this could be really cool, plans are as follows:

- Low poly

- fully topless (only window frame)

- custom grill, arches, chopped window frame, lower, big wheels etc etc

- "Bat wing" rear section

Ok, Im a big lover of the classic mini's, owned a few and always had visions for something like this, so let me explain my ideas a bit further,
the rear "Batwing" is esentially a "cover" over the full rear of the car, split down the middle, it will rise from hydraulics in a gullwing / batwing fasion.

the custom grill will be similar to a "dodge charger"... meaning hidden lights and stealthy looking.

I'm going to try and retain alot of the original look to the car, but expand on it, for example, I love the flared wheel arch kits you can buy for mini's, so im going to take inspiration and make a full flared wing kit... so it looks blended into the body.

Basically, im going for a sleak sexy modern look.
Probably finished in black with carbon + orange hints. sleak & stealthy :D

hopefully i'll finish it, so feel free to slap me around on IRC if I start lagging :p

I also need ideas to what will be "hidden" under the rear batwing cover... thinking either TV's or speakers, but could go with guns etc... might work

*Edited - updated attached image


It is rather interesting project I'll follow this with interest, after the Enzo spyder and the Venom, I think the surprise are finished, but after that it's get more and more interesting about the end of august. Wish you luck man really .


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thanks :D yup, gunna be very customized!

Forgot to mention in my previous post, I've used the "bodyline" on the hood and over-emphasized it to make an airvent :)


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thanks guys, much appreciated!
@ Jomar - yeah, low poly is always a bit more tricky to get right than high poly, I've spent more time tweaking the mesh than I have making it!

@ rls - I would love to see that chopped mini truck, if you have any photos please post them :D

thanks again guys, hopefully more progress tonight :)
No pics unfortunately, I think I may now where the guy lives, so maybe if I find some time during the day I will will swing out that way
Doesnt look like the guy lives there anymore, best way to explain it is it was a 71 with a chopped top and he had a rollbar installed where the back of the cab was with a custom snap on canvas top. He had it painted red with white rally stripe on the hood and front, he also had the axles extended 3 inches on either side and bolt on fender flairs and a rally light bar on it, for the rims he had grey enamled 8 spoke billets similar to these
8 Spoke Wheel, 15"x5-1/2", Black w/Polished Lip :: So Cal Imports
Looking Good Greenvampire. Cool idea with the mini. And the new wheel looks heaps better. Thats amazing how such a small amount of polys can make such a difference.


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cheers mate,

been working abit more on it, finished shelling it out.
had to customise the engine bay completley, although im trying to keep it looking "do-able" so it could be done in reallife.
Also tweaked the wires somemore, and set all the 'normal edges' (or "smoothgroups" as max users know them)

I need suggestions for what will be "hidden" in the rear interior section,
currently im thinking either Guns, or speakers / amps.

If I go with Guns or similar, I will texture the full car to look like a road warrior, if I go with speakers then it will all be done as a showcar.
another thing to consider is this will also be going in my portfolio to show gameready creations... so I need something that stands out :)

all suggestions welcome :D