Topless : Mini Clubman Estate


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made some progress,

added inverted speakers under the 'bat wings', hinges, interior detail, some UV mapping, some general cleaning of the mesh etc.

Current poly count is at 7794 if you don't count the 2 instance wheels (count 2 wheels due to varience, then they are "instanced" for the other side, rather than duplicated)

That means I've got 2098 polys left to use, if I want to stick to the 10,000 limit I set myself.

still todo (ALOT) :
- more interior details
- Engine
- running gear
- UV + Textures

alot to do but should have it done if I knuckle down :)



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not gunna have this finished for the contest, not much interest anyways lol :D

got a couple other things in the works, will finish this one as I go over the next couple weeks.