Topless: Mini Cooper S cabrio


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thanks davecox :)

ok, so... these are my final entries for the contest... I mean, for the time being :D unless some of you guys come up with some big idea to try... or a huge mistake on the renders I didnt see...

hope you like it



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Hey guys, thanks for the input and for noticing those details... I may tweak the renders a bit accordingly :)
A lift kit, lol, that would be nice, rls, big idea indeed :D


The rear render with see in the background looks so lovely ! You should fix the lighting on hood in 1st render, it doesn't look as real as the 2nd one.
hey Tom, I know what you mean... and I agree with you about the front view render...
I've made some color and lighting corrections, seems to be somewhat better now...
I've also started to make some studio renders... these are my first studio renders for a car and I'm kind of lost, but right now I'm starting to think I could achieve more realism with this kind of lighting... so now I really don't know which ones my final entries will be :(

I've also rendered a mesh for mesh freaks (which I am, btw :D)

ok, still not happy with the front render, this one was too bright on the sky...
added another one. And also a HR contour render.


For your rims, I might suggest reducing the reflectivity on the material, and if your using fresnal reflections on the rim material try turning that off as well, also maybe add some noise to the pavillion shaders, otherwise I think your 4th image looks pretty damn good.


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hey guys, it's been a while... I finally finished the interior. It may not show in my final renders though, but I wanted to make the complete car...
thanks for the input rls... I've been trying some new backgrounds and lights and stuff... I really wasn't happy with my Pier Village background so I may finally change that to a plain beach, I'm getting some nice realistic results that I'll post soon...

Meanwhile here's the completed interior... I hope to make my final renders on time, otherwise my final entries will have to be the ones I already made...

BTW, I've seen some really good final renders out there in your threads, congrats, guys!


^ I was thinking the same....

Looks great I can't wait to see the final renders, btw I think you should get rid of the radio antenna


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thanks for your nice comments, guys, I'll take note of your suggestions ;)

Here's another capture from the top, and a quick render at really low sampling level to speed up, just for you to see what I'm up to...

I still have to tweak the sand a bit, adjust some lights parameters, texture the surfboards, and cross my fingers so that the final render goes along smoothly :D


getting close... here's a new render. I still have to blend the floor with the background, try to give the sand a more realistic touch, and get rid of those nasty flakes on the hood... I'd also like to give the whole scene a warmer touch...
This will probably be one of my final renders. For the other one, I may follow ur advice and make a top view showing the interior (besides, I spent a whole day making stupid textures on the dashboard and speedometer, control and stufff so... I guess I should be showing those :D)
@ VladyF: I'm not really sure about the antenna yet... do u really think it looks that bad? :D


ok, so this will probably be the next to last render I'll do on this. Unless you guys have anything else to suggest, of course :D

I've blended the sand and background, corrected the car paint, tweaked the sand especially next to the wheels and added some sand texture to the wheels...

still not sure about the antenna, I kinda like it :)

I also wanted to ask you guys, what is the resolution we have to render the final scenes for the contest? I think it's not mentioned on the contest rules...


Continuing with my renders, I like this one but still not sure about it :D

this is just a test, I have to fix part of the floor as you can see...

anyone knows about the resoution for the contest? I guess its a free choice but just wanted to make sure...