Topless: RetroThing


Since Buggati type 41 got taken of the table, I was thinking of going for Peugeot 402 Éclipse Décapotable but in the end I decided to do my one design :)

here is a rough sketch...

For now the codename of the project is RetroThing, but as the project
develops I will probably change it to something more exciting with cool
words such as: Drophead, Spyder or Aircabin or something :D



So it begins......

I started to mock up the concept... I still have to make many decisions about how to proceed...cover the rear wheels or not, shape of the back, how to go about the grill, and most important should the front fender line go down and be overlapped by the back fender line or should it be a continuous single line?

Any feedback is welcomed



Hey FoxAlfa. I really like the look of the front. Has that big Roles look to it. Im not sure about the back though. To me the central hump is a bit much. I would reduce that slightly. Just my opinion though.:) Respect for doing your own design mate. And good luck.:)


Looks less elegant than your first sketch, it's now almost bad-ass :) But I still like it !

You should try to detail the sides : your car is too long not to use folds / creases.


aka chosenlv
front is awesome like it a lot ^^ but agree with chris20 maybe try this back center element make more narrow horizontaly in the end :) good luck

Thank you for all your feedback I really needed it

here are new images I redesigned the rear part but I think it needs a bit stronger lines also the front end I am not sure ether to stick with the "Royce" lights or this more subtle wing

Once I am complete happy with the design I will start to add details.



Looks great. :pacman:
The side looks way more better with the new lines on the side first time I've saw them I thought at bmw gina

I would go with subtle lights but that's only me.
Topless:Airstream Special

'Good day, ppl :)

I am still in the mock-up phase so don't mind the modeling errors... but I tought to slap on some materials and check how it looks ;) I should start to add detalis soon

All feedback is welcomed :)

Also came up with a better name for it also....presenting the "Airstream special"




nice work dude !

no planed side mirors ? door lines ? can't wait to see it finished .

good luck to you dude !