Toyota 2JZ-GTE

Hello lads! once again i'm fiddling with engines, this time the ole 2JZ. Summer is here and thankfully things have toned down at work so i get to do some personal work. here goes, work in progress:

wip.jpg wip2.jpg wip3.jpg

blocking out the volumes. Last engine i did i made the mistake of finishing up whole areas of the engine but when trying later to fit them together they would not fit well, as expected. So now, i am treating the engine as a whole from the start and i won't start retopology until i've reached a point that i'm satisfied that everything fits. I dont know if i'll do the original twin turbo setup cause frankly, i can't see anything in that mess of pipes and vacuum lines, and i dont want to half-ass it. I'll see how it goes. this time i wanna make the gearbox too.
work projects cutting in , i just found some time to work on the engine again...trying to block everything first, before finding out something doesn't line up. i prefer to be patient than backtrack in the future.
2jz 004.jpg
2jz 005.jpg