Toyota Celica GT4

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Hey Olddog, thanks so much for these. Brilliant reference for all those hard to see things.:) The only problem now is i need to redo everything. Mirrors - wrong. Doorhandles - wrong. Spoiler - wrong.:( Oh well. I'll start again on all those things. Thanks again man. Cheers


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LoooL xD
I was trying to help you out, and not make you do everything again xD :p

But if you think you should fix all that up and that it's wrong, I respect that. I love accurate work :)

EDIT: ahh btw if you need more of that car i know where it's parked so i can go and get you all pictures that you want ;)
I can give a shot at finding the owner and ask him to take pictures of the interior , under the hood and stuff like that ;)

you just name it.

Keep it up.

OldDog. Yes its a huge help. I'll let you know if I need smoething else, but at this stage I dont think I will do an engine and the interior will be just very basic.

Bought some new stuff. Paint and a spoiler. I've decided to ditch the original spoiler cause it looks stupid with two.

Remade part of the bonnet, made the tyres, spoiler and badge.

Also did a couple of test renders using blenders new unbiased renderer. Materials are doing my head in but so far looks very promising.


Thanks guys. Rcat- yeah I think your right, might look a little flimsy?

Klobsters - Yeah im not really into this look so much but it was cheap and in keeping with modified racer on a budget theme.

Rickss - theres plenty of bumps there.:p Heres another render which probably shows up a few more.



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Hi Chris,
I must say that in the picture that shows front of the car , the car is kinda out of proportion or may be thats only the cam. angle.

ohh and nice tire ! I didn't sow it before :S

Great job on spraing the car ^^


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my only complaint is they never have visible sponsorship on top gear. Like, all those cars they built need to be stupid, and kind of a joke. Like "Country Western Music Sucks" or putting stupidly large wheels on the car, putting on a bumper dumper, or putting a full modern house on the back of a small car lol.

I think it looks fantastic still. I just think it needs to make you laugh.


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I love the spray paint touch! It might be fun to change to 'Hamster' but other wise keep it the same? Like Richard Hammond was trying to add credibility to his [your] car by adding sponsorship graphics, which as helicase points out wouldn't happen on the bbc with real sponsors.
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