Upgrade - Just an update! :-)


The forum was upgraded on Sunday to the latest release of XenForo as planned. There are a myriad of upgrades and new features added.

1) One of the first things most will notice is the new editor. It now comes with drag and drop, image paste support, user tagging, and iOS/Android support. Done!

2) The Second main feature, and I'm still working on it and it should be finished in the next day or so, is that the new design is responsive and supports smaller-screen devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Done!

3) The third feature will be the new elastic-search feature.
I will get to this as soon as I finish the new skin. Done!

4) A new home page that will be dynamic and alive! It will be divided into a number of sections. This is something I will need help from the community. I will start a new thread for it. Next Week!

BTW - I have not forgotten about the feature requests in the previous threads, like the old smilies and thumbnail size increase. They are all on my to-do list.

This was just an update! :)
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Finished the upgrade of the skin/theme. Now our design is responsive and supports smaller-screen devices such as mobile phones and tablets.


The enhanced search has been installed! :)

XenForo Enhanced Search is designed to give significantly better search performance and additional search options to your users. It is built on top of elasticsearch, which is in turn built on top of Lucene. This gives excellent performance, even with millions of pieces of content. Elasticsearch allows nearly infinite scalability and redundancy by silently allowing searches to be run across multiple servers. Additionally, you benefit from a very small stopword list and no minimum word length, allowing nearly any search to return meaningful results. Elasticsearch also provides support for returning results based on how relevant they are to your search. You can select relevancy ordering on the advanced search page.


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Thank u for the work u always do here.
Just a lil thing: I didn't understand yet what a ''trophy point'' is. Could u explain it please ? :)


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From what i can see, the trophy points are like achievements. They are awarded as you make more posts and when people like your posts and so on

Oscar J

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I don't like how the latest gallery images are presented on the front page - right now there are like 10 high resolution images which make the site really slow to load, bogs your computer down, and leaves you scrolling like a maniac to get to the new posts section. I think only one image per gallery submission should be enough - so that you can click on works you are interested in seeing more of - not having to load and see every one of them just by opening the front page.



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I agree - or even put the gallery feature below the latest posts section, or even remove it all together. As it is at the moment the gallery posts almost spam the front page.

I like the latest posts section. I like to see what is changing. Gallery posts don't change that much.