Useful tutorials

If you have found good tutorial site or single tutorial for Photoshop share it in this topic. If you want to request certain tutorial please make own thread for it.


Here's first, Psdtuts+. There are loads of tutorials for beginners to advanced and what's best most of them are free.
Thx Johnas

Hello Everyone, I will be making quite a number of video tutorial donations very soon covering everything from basics to advanced and I will gladly accept any requests you may have.

I do ask though you do give me time to get these tutorials recorded and edited.

I will also try to record them all in the best possable resolution I can for your veiwing pleasure.

If you wish to request a tutorial from me, I will require a few details from you. and you can include them in a thread on here or send me a pm.

Here are the details I need.

What do you want the tutorial to be about (IE How to create a grunge signature)

Thats really it, It would be more helpfull to me to include as much detail as you can about what your trying to accomplish so I can be more able to help you.

I have started working on the first set of tutorials for Photoshop.
The first set will cover the Basics of photoshop.

I will try to cover everything is great detail and explain every step of it.

Once again Thank you for your patience.