Veyron/Veyron Super sport

This is my first actual completed car, I do know there are mistakes but, I would love to hear your opinion in order to get better at this.

P.s if you are confused about the title, unfortunately I got a veyron blueprint and the reference pictures were from a grand Sport:(! My bad but nonetheless i still want to hear your opinion :)
For a first car it's ok. I'd say a good start. u got the basic idea of how to model a car. now u go to the next step and that's how to improve ur modelling skills and keep practicing and refining ur modelling skills till u master modelling.
I'd suggest to watch modelling vids on youtube. there u can get more ideas and tips to make a good model with a good mesh flow. also there r lots of posts here where u can learn from.

after that u'll have to work on materials. u have to keep in mind that materials r an infinite sea to learn but doin' it little by little u'll get the hang of them.
keep practicing and never give up.

good luck


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very good for a first car, lord knows my first car model was way worse than that. Next time try to separate the parts of the car, don't try to make it out of single pieces of mesh.