VW Gol 2004

well, many of you havent even heard of this car, mostly because its south-american... but well i've got one of those so i decided to make it in 3ds max.... the first problem i'm facing is that there isnt any blueprint availabe for it, so.... i'm starting by that, i'm making my own blueprint, i suck at making cages in 3ds max, that would be great if i could, but since i can't i'm just making the bp in photoshop.... i've got the side view finished


This is the car in question

asdasd.png DSC_0620.jpg
@ the devil designer: that's a g2 gol, mine is a g3, it's newer, and the blueprint you posted is really bad and of proportions....

@ Oscar: hmm it's the car I just posted and explained that was from south America? :D
slowly progressing, side and rear view done... i'm getting the basic shape as i already know the car

started the University, no more vacations so less free time :(