Where do u download blueprints here?



can some one please activate me too plz! i did look for an email concerning activation but i cannot find one

Thanks for your help!
Hi, I'm another guy with the same (silly) question. I'm not able to open any attached images. I registered an account today, and I got an email confirming it, but no link to activate anything. Could you please help me? Maybe a manual activation is needed?


We're fixing a server issue as of now. In the meantime, no attached picture can be viewed. None. By no one.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for waiting we fix the issue. I'll keep this thread updated.
sorry ... it was long time ago sins i have a problems with viewing blueprints and
i can't find my activation latter - it was years ago...
PLEASE help me... (may be a manual activation needed)
Hi, Same goes for me, I believe I was able to see them in the past, but since a few months I get the same message.
If some admin can help me being activated again, thanks :)