Winds of changes

Hello Forum Members!

As you might have noticed there are few changes on the site. We have merged subforums together to make the forum look more simpler.

For example we have merged software forums together so in a future every software related threads goes to the Software Forums. Also blueprint donation area is changed, all requests goes to the requests forum from now on.

Header image have also been updated, if you still see old ones make sure you'll refresh the site (press F5 or ctrl+F5 if you cannot see them).

More changes will come but we'll announce them later once we are ready to publish them. Stay tuned! :)
I am still new around here, ( started blending about 2 months ago.) the site is great, and i am hoping that i will also start posting cars up in the very future.


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Hello :) I think that the new blue collor on the text is to bright, may be just a little darker wouldn't hurt the eyes...
But w8 and see if more people agree whit me.

overall it's looking nice ^^ really lovely :D
is it the same old blue that you used on smc v.1 ?


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I like it everywhere I see except the post number area that you can click on to permalink to the post (my post will say 12)... that's a tiny bit hard to read, but that's so minor I don't think I'll even notice or care after I'm used to the blue


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(I am a novice, just contact automobile modeling 、There is pressure on me 、But I'm still young 、I will also become superior 、English is difficult to learn。。。。。:cry: