[WIP] Pontiac GTO 1969 (THE JUDGE)


Maybe I should try to finish some of the other ones but i just managed to get hold of some blueprints for this and I couln't resist.
I've been having a bit of trouble trying to get the arches to look right any tips?


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Looks like you have a lot of bumps and pinches all over the place. Slow down, and take your time. Work a small section at a time to get it clean and correct (i.e. hood, then fender, nose, etc.)
It's more to do with sketch-up being absolutly usless. If only some one had told me blender was free sooner, i'll post an adapted or rebuilt version up later should be alot better.
hey dude i know this is really late lol but i saw this and i like how it looks the windows ar rally good what program are you using? oh by the way I'm creating this exact car and i have yet to re make my windows if your still on here ( and haven't finished or starting a different car) i can help or if u wanna follow my creation of this car its on instagram (name is furry_snow_wolf)