WZA Contest: "BoneCrusher"


The scene is still too dark. Even with my display on full brightness, I can barely see the details of the texturing.

You should really try to revert your display settings to factory defaults. Write down the configuration of it before doing this, just to make sure you can get back if it gets worse. How did you tune your display : no tuning ? tuning by hand ? automated with some kind of calibration probe ?

I think it's really important you figure out this issue ASAP, because it prevents us to give you valuable feedback.
Okay Ive figured it out! You guys are right, the render is very dark. Apparently the reason why I didn't think it too is because I spend too much time texturing and rendering yesterday, so my eyes actually adabted to the darkness!:eek: When I fired up my comp today, my eyes had finally re-adabted, so now it should be just fine. Also Ive changed the light in the scene out from a direct light, to a sphere vray light. Much better!

here it is:



It's way better. The car is still dark, but because it's dark grey ;)

You should try to put the light on the left side of the car, because it currently lights the hidden side.
i have a problem. 3ds max has started saying that im ot of memory when Im rendering, and then all the objects with a glass material applied to it, is rendered wrong?! Mostly they just become pitch black:?

I currently have 3gigs of ram.
Try to reset or maybe better try to open new scene and than use merge command to put your model in this new scene. Also make copy of your glass material and on this copy try to make some changes and try render.

Is this problem persist if you hide all object on scene except glass ?
Im sorry, This is unfortunatly a lost cause. I had overestimated my spare time from my other projects (Audi R8 and a porsche 959). Im really sorry for those who had whished to see this finnished, but I really couldn't find time:?