WZA Contest: "Panic Room"


The Land Cruiser Maniac
:grin: Chevy Step Van ´90s

So here´s my plan sofar for the "Panic Room":

*Electic doorhandles to schock zombies
*Bulletproof offroad wheels
*Bullbar + external rollcage (also protects rear wheels)
*Six Xenon-workinglights on to roof
*Panzer interior
*Window meshes
*Gun hatches
*Hydraulic operated front foors (slide doors)
*Bigger wheel arches
*More ground clearance
*Exchaustpipes trought the hood

*Stairs + roof hatch ( hatch also electric to shock zompies)
*Little stove to cook when in stuck situations + some food
*Weapons ( granades, shotgun, two 9mm+ ammos etc)



It looks like a nice start. Are you going for a lowpoly model or is this just a temporary model ? I ask you because of the wheel arches not being that smooth as of now.

Keep it up !


The Land Cruiser Maniac
Aiming for low/mid-poly. The fron wheel arch has to have that one very hard edge, because the door goes like that ;)

Added wheels and it´s allready starting to lag my PC :grin:



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YEEEE Ice Cream truck is very popular in horror movie... Give him some extra saw/s inside truck for cutting rottenly meat :) Make some sort of trap for hungry zombies. Let pass zombie inside truck (from back door of course) and turn ON big, nasty saw. Only problem is that than you must model some protective suit for crew inside truck or some shower-bath :)



The Land Cruiser Maniac
Thanks guys.

The interior is reserved for guns, food etc stuff, so no traps :grin:

Done "rollcage" to protect the vehicle. Bullbar is handy for crushing zombies against something.

The car looks front heavy atm, but will have something to the back also.


Perfect choice of vehicle! Looks very safe. You could go for an armored truck look to it, with those small windows surrounded by metal...

When you finish your model, pleas put some nice picture of cornet filled up with ZOMBIE ROTTEN MEAT and some title...hmmmmmm for example "Bon Appétit" :))) on both side of the truck.


The Land Cruiser Maniac
I did something similar... hahahaha

A little and nice puzzle for zombiesssss:grin::grin::grin:

The heads roll into a container that is where the passenger seat would be.



The Land Cruiser Maniac
And here´s the other side.

Since some of the zombies (that have eyes and can read) has to be more intelligent than the others who...well... goes for the free stuff, I need to come up something clever to trick them.