WZA Contest: "Panic Room"


The Land Cruiser Maniac
Added a slide door to the rear and a small "room". I think I´m going to make that a panic room.

It might have several options how zombie makes a suicide.

The zombie goes in (by some bait)
Door closes rapidly
Zombie is locked in
There´s a several buttons without any explanations
Zombie pushes them
Somethin happens = zombie dies
Floor slides off and the "zombie" slides of the room.
And then next zombie walks in.

If zombie does nothing, then the driver can deside what to do.

2nd option

There´s a lawnmover blade in the roof. It starts automaticly and slices the zombie into many small pieces



The Land Cruiser Maniac
Just to lett you guys know, I cant continue this for few weeks, because I join the Army tomorrow and I´m away for att leats 6months. I will have my first weekend vacation in few weeks, but dont know if I spend it on modelling.

Will finish this for sure.

See ya!