WZA Contest: The Jester

Well, just getting over about 4 days of the flu... the last 2 were killer. But hopefully in the next couple of days I can start the texturing

Wish me luck

Here is a test render with the blood texture on the body. Starting to get it to work.
Changed the top section to be yellow too. The red hid the blood too much. :)

Comments and Crits welcome.

I certainly am learning a lot.



I'm still loving the design!!

There's one slight problem... Blood doesn't reflect... At least not that much. Have a look through the attached document. Maybe you can come up with something awesome out of it ;)



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looks cool, maybe try using a specular map to control the reflections of blood and body, or, overlay the blood on a seperate material.. not sure how either work in LW though
Submitted final renders just a few minutes ago... Enjoy and thanx to everyone for the help and encouragement ... It was fun!!